Friday, 16 March 2012

Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of fifteen-year-old Kriss Donald. Kriss was kidnapped, tortured, stabbed fifteen times, tied to a car and dragged along the road and eventually set on fire and killed in a horrific attack by a gang of Asian men.

This disgusting attack was blacked out by the controlled mass media. What if Kriss had been a black boy and the gang had been white men? Would there have been a media blackout then? No, because he would have got the same publicity as Stephen Lawrence or Damilola Taylor, and the whole country would have been up in arms about the murder.

There will be no centres built in his name, no prizes given out in his memory and certainly no compensation for Kriss’s friend who watched him being dragged to his death. Disgusting! RIP Kriss Donald and other white victims of racist murders who we never hear of.

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