Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The beautiful country of Norway is being changed beyond all recognition by swarms of unending immigration. Oslo is set to be a 50 percent immigrant city by 2040, with the whole country becoming one-quarter foreign.

All over Europe, third world immigration is destroying our unique and diverse cultures. We must stop it now.

The below is translated by County Durham BNP from the newspaper Dagbladet (13 March 2012), emphasis added:

Nearly half of Oslo’s population will be immigrants by 2040

In 2040 almost half of Oslo’s population will either be immigrants or the children of two immigrants, according to new research from the Statistisk sentralbyrå (Central Statistical Office, SSB).

The new numbers were revealed in the report ‘Regional projection of immigrant numbers from 2011 to 2040’, written by demographer Inger Texmon.

The report makes demographic predictions for the entire country and states that there will be ‘very fast growth’ of immigrant populations around large cities in the years to come.

Approximately seven out of ten of the immigrants will have ethnic backgrounds from outside of the EU.

Based on existing numbers

The SSB’s projections are based on extensive population figures from 2011 that take into account factors such as fertility, mortality and net immigration. Their regional estimates of emigration, internal migration and immigration are based on figures collected from 2006–2010.

The SSB report includes three different estimates: low, middle and high, in which the middle estimate is considered to be much more likely than the others.

The medium estimate predicts that the share of immigrants and those born to two immigrant parents in Oslo will go up from 28 percent to 47 percent over 30 years. The high estimate puts that figure at 56 percent, while the low estimate is 40 percent.

The most conservative prediction therefore suggests an increase from 170,000 immigrants in Oslo today to 380,000 by 2040.

Three to four times as many

The immigrant population is also increasing across the country as a whole. According to the SSB, immigrant numbers will rise from their current level of 600,000 to 1.5 million by 2040, doubling from 12 percent of the population to 24 percent.

The statistics state that regions with relatively low levels of immigration today, such a Sandnes and easterly parts of Akershus, as well as industrial towns in Østfold and Buskerud, could be subjected to an increase in immigration equivalent to three to fours times today’s levels. The lowest increase will be in northern Norway.

The SSB explains that the proportion of immigrants coming into Norway from Western or Eastern EU countries is set to remain the same; it is the number of non-Western immigrants that is expected to rise.

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