Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This update will be going out as a newsletter to members and supporters, old and new, of the British National Party in the North East. I intend to use this publication to keep you informed about what is happening within the region and hope to make the newsletter a regular feature, but firstly, if I haven't already, can I wish you a very happy new year?
The Past
You’ve probably noticed that we have been reasonably quiet over the past few months. This is for several reasons. Obviously the weather is a huge factor as it tends to hamper progress, particularly with regard to street activism. We have lost a few members through what we call natural wastage, where somebody joins us but then falls away for no particular reason. This happens in most clubs and organisations.
We have also had to defend ourselves against a barrage of attacks from our political opposition, who have tried to finish us off, but we’re still very much here. Internal disputes, which happen in all political parties, have also cost us some good comrades, but as a Party we have held firm and now we are on the move again.
The Present
Despite what you may hear or read about, at the moment the British National Party’s membership is in the process of expanding. Certainly we are not yet back to the dizzy heights of high membership numbers which we enjoyed immediately after the success of getting two MEPs elected, and most of the natural wastage lost members I mentioned earlier joined on the back of that victory.
If you have seen our website, had a copy of the British Nationalist or recently read a Voice of Freedom newspaper, you will have seen that there is plenty going on. We are engaging with the public on the streets of Britain like no other political party does or can.
Our work over the years against Muslim paedophiles is coming to fruition, and we had a demonstration at Liverpool Crown Court at which many of them were on trial. We were in Burnley recently for the same reason and have also been to Hyde, near Manchester, where our demonstration against the hushing-up of anti-white racist attacks received tremendous local support. The North East was represented at all events.
The Future
The future for the British National Party in the North East and across the country is looking very bright. It is much brighter than was predicted by the perpetual pessimists a year ago and certainly much brighter than the coalition government or our far-left opponents would like or are comfortable with.
We have a steady flow of fresh enquiries and new members coming through.  I’m also glad to see some former members returning and old wounds healing. We are being asked about street activities and campaigns in order to offer the local British people hope. Our people never see any parties other than ours campaigning outside of an election period.
As a result, we will be arranging leafleting sessions and street activities in the coming months through local organisers. We would very much like you to be involved. If you have been quiet yourself of late, remember why you became involved with Nationalism in the first place. We all owe it to the countless folk who have made sacrifices big and small so that we can live in a free country today.
How Can You Help?
There are many ways you can help. The most important of all is to understand that it will take many years to build up a movement to win our country back. It cannot be achieved overnight. Sometimes people join us expecting instant results and then become disappointed when we don’t get into Downing Street a week later. We must be patient, look to the long-term bigger picture, and we all must do something.
You can organise or get involved with activities no matter what your time availability, your financial situation, your physical health, your work commitments or your age. Please take a look at our Activists Handbook on the website. If your Internet browser won't open the page immediately, try right-clicking and opening it in a new window. Aren't computers great?
You can email or give my team a call on 07503 779 207 and we will try our best to get you involved in some way, shape or form to help win our country back.
If you know somebody who supports us but doesn't want to join, or if you yourself for whatever reason can’t do something physical to help, then please support us financially and encourage them to as well. Donate as little as £1 per month or as much as you like directly to the North East British National Party using the Standing Order mandate form. Remember to put "NTHEAST" as the Payment Reference and send the signed paperwork to the address at the top of the form.
Another thing that anybody can do is fill out the postal vote form and return it to us. It takes less than a minute to complete the form, and when it comes to the next election the Council will send you a card to vote by post so you don’t have to go to the polling station. People are EIGHT TIMES more likely to vote if they are a postal voter, which explains how some parties manage to cling onto power despite being hugely unpopular.
We have a North East meeting coming up for April 12th, and we would like you to come along. It will be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded local people. We will be discussing issues regarding our work in the region. The British National Party Chairman, Mr Nick Griffin MEP, will be in attendance, as will other Party officials, speaking about how a win in the Greater London Assembly will benefit us all throughout Great Britain.
The re-direction point for this meeting will be manned from 18:30 until 19:00 and is at the Kelly Public House, Hedgeley Road, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear NE31 1HE. The meeting starts at 19:30 sharp, and I sincerely hope to see you there.
Onwards and upwards!
Adam Walker
National Organiser

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