Thursday, 15 March 2012

Seemingly every poll conducted these days shows majority support for a key British National Party policy, be it leaving the EU, coming home from Afghanistan, stopping immigration or reintroducing capital punishment.

Try voting for the BNP in a real poll instead of blindly supporting LibLabCon and you’ll get what you want.

And don't forget to sign Nick Griffin's ReferendumNOW petition here.

Sky News: Nearly two-thirds of Britons would like to loosen ties with the European Union - or leave altogether, a new survey revealed today.

A YouGov-Cambridge poll on attitudes towards the EU found that 60 per cent want a national referendum to decide Britain's future relationship with the EU.

And, according to the figures, 40 per cent would vote for 'a looser arrangement with the EU, based on maintaining trade and co-operation on some common policies, but opting out of EU-wide policies enforced by a European government in Brussels.'

Another 20 per cent would vote for withdrawing from the EU altogether.

Only 27 per cent of Britons would choose the current level of EU integration or any increase, compared with 62 per cent of Germans, 61 per cent of Italians and 47 per cent in France.

Joel Faulkner Rogers, Director of YouGov-Cambridge, commented: 'Public opinion in the UK calls for a major revision of Britain's relationship with the EU, with significant majorities who want a looser relationship with the EU, where almost all areas of policy are controlled by London, not Brussels.

'These attitudes span the political divide, and challenge the current narrative advanced by the Liberal Democrat side of the coalition government, seeking to maintain current levels of integration with the EU or to expand them.'

The online survey, conducted between February 24 and March 6 this year, involved just over 1500 people in each of seven countries.

Only 14 per cent in the UK want more integration, with another 13 per cent wanting things kept as they are, with the UK as a full member state.

The survey findings will form part of the debate at London conference on Thursday on the future of Europe.

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