Monday, 26 March 2012

Pete Molloy responds to Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman’s recent letter in the Northern Echo regarding County Durham BNP’s Local Jobs for Local People petition.
I am glad our MP, Helen Goodman, did write to a certain number of those who signed the British National Party’s Local Jobs petition - but not all as she claims (Echo, Mar 22) - even though it was some weeks after the latest issue of the local British National Party’s Spennymoor Patriot newsletter had started to land on doormats and long after I handed in the petition to our MP’s constituency office in November.
The recipients of Ms Goodman’s letter were left confused because she did not mention our petition therein. I would like to ask Ms Goodman why she did not mention the petition in her letter so people could have understood why she had written to them.
I would also like to ask Ms Goodman how many of the 76% of construction and 98% of the highway upgrade workers are actually from the Spennymoor area and not the North East region.
Ms Goodman also blames the lack of jobs in Spennymoor on the Tories but fails to acknowledge the Labour Party’s destruction of the town centre and manufacturing jobs in the town, with big companies like Electrolux and Black & Decker moving away while they were in government.
Pete Molloy, British National Party Prospective Candidate, Spennymoor ward
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