Saturday, 10 March 2012

‘Immigrants bring benefits,’ ‘They do the jobs we don’t want to do,’ you’ve heard all the lefty howlings about immigration helping our economy ad nauseam, but like everything else spouted by liberals, they’re just more blatant lies.

Here are the facts, as provided by the ONS: the unemployment rates for ethnic groups in the UK in the 16–24 age category in the fourth quarter of 2011: White (20.8%), Mixed (22.4%), Asian (26.7%), Black (47.4%).

The gender-specific results are even more startling. The unemployment rate of black men aged 16–24 is 55.9%, much more than double the white equivalent of 23.9%.

That figure has risen sharply from 2008, when the rate of young black male unemployment was at 28.8%.

Now only 24.2% of young black males are employed. Over both genders the rates are Blacks (28%), Asians (37%), Mixed Race (45.6%), and Whites (53.3%).

The remaining percentages are either students or classed as ‘not available for work’.

As expected, rather than admitting the clear reason of inherent racial differences for the disparity in employment figures, the Department of Work and Pensions is instead choosing to blow one billion pounds of taxpayers’ money on the problem.

A DWP spokesperson said: ‘We have introduced a number of measures designed to give all young people the right skills and experience to match them to vacancies.

‘This includes the Work Programme, which assesses people as individuals to discover what barriers are preventing them from getting a job and will then work with them overcome these problems. We are also spending £1bn over the next three years to help young jobseekers by creating around half a million opportunities through work experience and apprenticeships.’

The phenomenon of high black unemployment is not confined to Britain. This week American media outlets reported that black and Latino jobless rates in the USA rose in February despite an average 200,000 jobs a month being created in 2012.

Whilst on this subject, it may be worth reiterating one the most shocking statistics of all regarding unemployment in the UK: In October 2010, the CEHR reported that 50% of Muslim men and 75% of Muslim women in the UK are unemployed. They also revealed that unemployment amongst so-called ethnic minorities costs British taxpayers a staggering £8.6 billion a year. 

Tell that to anyone who says immigration brings financial benefits.

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