Friday, 30 March 2012

‘No mosques on Swedish soil’, ‘No more rapes’, ‘Multiculturalism? No, thanks’ – those are just some of the bold slogans adorning nearly one million glossy pieces of literature being distributed by our nationalist friends in Sweden.
The National Democrats (Nationaldemokraterna, ND) have produced designs for six new leaflets and 21 stickers for their biggest-ever leafleting drive outside of election time.
In total, 800,000 leaflets and 24,000 stickers have been printed.
All the material is colourful and well-produced and contains hard-hitting messages on a range of policy areas, including immigration, Islam, the environment, employment, the economy and supporting Swedish businesses.
Each leaflet features an explanation of ND beliefs, with an overriding message of ‘a national, free and Swedish Sweden’.
·      The recruitment leaflet, entitled Get Active, states that Sweden has taken in 1.8 million immigrants since the 1970s, 1.1 million of them from the third world. This is made all the more startling given that Sweden’s population is just 9.5 million.

·      The Islamification leaflet (Islamisering? Nej, tack!) warns that Sweden will become a Muslim country if present day immigration trends continue. In the 1970s, Sweden’s Muslim population was 10,000. Now it’s 500,000, and growing.

The same flyer also promises bans on ritual slaughter, genital mutilation of boys and girls, and the building of new mosques.

·      The Swedish jobs for Swedish workers leaflet hits out against outsourcing of domestic jobs to China and India. It also pledges to stop migrants undercutting Swedish workers and to reduce bureaucracy for small businesses.

·      The environmental leaflet proposes levies be imposed on cheap foreign foods so they do not undermine Swedish farmers. It also advocates ending majority foreign ownership of key Swedish industries.

·      The family unit leaflet criticizes abortion rates in Sweden. One-quarter of pregnancies in Sweden end in abortion; amongst 18–24-year-olds, that number rises to a shocking 49 per cent.

·      Well-being before multiculturalism’ exposes the media lies regarding asylum seeker numbers in Sweden.
ND party leader Marc Abramsson said this will be a great year for the party, ‘with many more pleasant surprises to come’.
Below you can see the full range of leaflets and stickers.
Islamification? No, thanks!
Well-being before multiculturalism
The family is the bedrock of society
Swedish jobs for Swedish workers!
Get active!
The land we inherited – and that which we leave to our children
Stickers, from left to right, top to bottom: Deport criminal immigrants; Multiculturalism? No, thanks!; Islamification? No, thanks!; No mosques on Swedish soil!; No more rapes; Have a nice trip! There’s no place like home; Hundreds of thousands of immigrants cost us billions!; The banks speculate, we lose; Have you had enough yet?; Support Sweden – Buy Swedish!; Swedish jobs for Swedish workers!; Once upon a time robbers only lived in the woods (picture of MPs in parliament in the background); Marc Abramsson, 33 years old and father to three children; Under 25? Become a member via SMS!; Tougher punishments for paedophiles!; Protect marriage – mother, father, children; Discover history – Discover your cultural heritage!; All people’s freedom – world peace; 6 Kroner a litre – abolish the fuel tax; Politicians are selling out Sweden – don’t give them your support; European Union today, World Union tomorrow?

Before and after: The stickers are put up in the city of Södertälje

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