Sunday, 11 March 2012

White disabled folk are some of the first to feel the effects of a mismanaged nation.

I wonder if the union leaders so outraged by this realize that it is through their support of a party that advocates the £9 billion-a-year mass immigration racket, paying an estimated £118 billion-a-year bill to EU, throwing away £12 billion a year on foreign aid, wasting £4 billion a year on foreign wars, and burning £13.4 billion a year on nonsense man-made climate change schemes could possibly be the reason as to why we don’t have that much money anymore. Probably not.

The Northern Echo: DISABLED workers faced a bleak future last night after the Government announced it is axing four Remploy factories in the region – at a cost of 135 jobs.

The workshops in Spennymoor, County Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle and Ashington, Northumberland, are among 36 across the country that will close, most of them by the year’s end.

Kenneth Stubbs, the Remploy North-East branch secretary of the GMB union, is a worker at the Spennymoor site, which employs 41 people.

He said: “This is the third time we have heard this since 2006. We will face it in the same way we have before – by fighting it. We do not expect to change their attitude, but this Government has made more U-turns than anyone in history so there is no reason we cannot make them do the same again.”

Remploy was severely shrunk by the last Labour government, which closed 28 factories, including those in Stockton, Hartlepool and York. About 350 workers lost their jobs at the three centres.

The new closures will cost 135 jobs at Spennymoor (41), Newcastle (55), Gateshead (11) and Ashington (28) – but Sunderland’s factory (35 workers) survives, because it has “a viable future without Government subsidy”.

The Department of Work and Pensions said 524 jobs had been found for disabled people in Sunderland and Newcastle last year, but did not provide a figure for County Durham.

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