Friday, 2 March 2012

The flash demo in Burnley finished off with a walk through the pedestrian area, distributing leaflets to local people and informing them of today's events.

About thirty people attended the British National Party's demo, along with representatives from the English Defence League.

Police were in attendance at the court and in the town centre, presumably as a result of the violence and damage to property witnessed recently in Hyde, when a group of people from the local mosque became "enraged" by our Union and Saint George flags, according to one officer recorded on video at the scene.
Burnley is in Nick Griffin's North West constituency. Standing in for the MEP, Adam Walker reminded the crowd that Nick had warned of this hidden practice years ago. If people had listened at the time, who knows how many hundreds of children could have been saved the horror of years of sustained sexual abuse?

Reading a statement from the British National Party chairman from a recent event in Liverpool, Adam said, "Nobody is saying for one moment that all Muslims are paedophiles or vice-versa, but years of government cowardice and politically correct police forces have kept this problem hidden.

"There is no doubt that the pressure exerted by the British National Party has contributed to the authorities taking action, more arrests being made, and now at least some of the alleged perpetrators are being brought to trial."

Members of the local community in Burnley were shocked to hear what was happening in their own town and expressed utter contempt for the Westminster politicians, who have allowed this minority of immigrants to take such advantage of British tolerance.

Anita Cooper, who travelled from the North East with her two children, signed up two new members at the protest itself. "I've been taking details for new enquiries and have also got a number of people filling in registration forms for postal votes," she said.

Despite the local anger against these men on trial, this evening's edition of the Burnley newspaper has chosen not to mention the British National Party when covering the protest. But there is an election in a few months, and editors know how deeply these trials are damaging the myths put about by the Labour Party and how much revenue they make from local Labour councils.

Many thanks go to local activists Chris Vanns and Derek Dawson for arranging today and also to Borough Councillor Brian Parker and County and Borough Councillor Sharon Wilkinson, who both attended the demo and gave an interview.

Please watch the video of today's demonstration below and try to attend future events if you possibly can. We will be keeping up the pressure to expose these crimes, and for that we need your help. 

Michael Stewart

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