Tuesday, 6 March 2012

£8 million pounds to come to this country, commit murder and rape our children – and once you’ve been deported, just stroll back in through our open borders. Britain really is heaven for foreign criminals, and hell for law-abiding whites.

The BNP’s policy is to deport ALL foreign criminals. No pay-offs, no human rights nonsense, and no coming back.

Unlike the LibLabConmen, we care about our people’s safety.

Daily Express: FOREIGN rapists, murderers and other dangerous criminals in British jails could rake in almost £8million in “goodbye bribes”.

There are 5,178 overseas offenders in UK prisons due to be deported at the end of their sentences, Government figures reveal. These include 104 paedophile rapists and 625 murderers.

Under the Facilitated Returns Scheme each prisoner may get up to £1,500 to leave the country early. If all the overseas-born criminals in jail take the cash, the cost will be £7.7million.

The size of the foreign population in prison was revealed by Immigration Minister Damian Green.

Last night the UK Border Agency said: “The FRS means that we are removing foreign national offenders quicker while saving the taxpayer money and freeing up prison places.”

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