Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Our children’s future classrooms will be football stadiums, bingo halls and abandoned high street shops – thanks to successive years of mass immigration imposed on Britain by the LibLabCon party and its gullible voters.
Unsustainable immigration levels of nearly 600,000 a year – coupled with high immigrant birth rates – mean at least 454,571 additional primary school places are required by 2015.
That equates to 2,030 extra schools with an average intake of 224 pupils.
Some councils are already being forced to teach children in empty commercial and public buildings.
Others across Britain are desperately trying to find room anywhere they can.
In Barking and Dagenham – surprise, surprise – the council is proposing to rent out an empty Woolworth’s store and MFI warehouse to stage temporary classes.
Sadly, this is the inevitable future the people of Barking and Dagenham chose for themselves when they elected a Labour Party immigrant rather than a British National Party candidate as their MP in 2010.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Elsewhere, Brighton Council has considered teaching pupils in a football stadium, bingo hall and abandoned churches. The bingo hall has since been sold as private housing.
At Ladybarn Primary School in Manchester, children have been forced to eat their school meals in ‘shifts’ because of a lack of canteen space.
In Portishead, North Somerset, ten children who failed to get into local schools are being sent by taxi to primaries in another town – at a cost of more than £700 a week.
According to government figures, one in five schools in Britain is now at bursting point.
Some 3,428 schools were classified as ‘full or had pupils in excess of school capacity’ in May last year.
The worst affected areas include Lancashire, which needs almost 14,000 extra primary places by 2015; Birmingham, Leeds, Hertfordshire and Hampshire, which all require more than 11,000, and Kent, Manchester and Essex, which need more than 9,000.
Across London, an additional 100,000 primary places are needed by 2015.
So what’s the solution? To stop the costly practice of immigration and therefore eliminate the problem entirely? Of course not, that would be racist.
The LibLabCon solution is more money, your money, and lots of it.
Education Secretary Michael Gove – best-known to British National Party supporters for wanting to ban our members from teaching – has announced £500 million of funding to create more primary places in time for September 2012, taking the total spend to £1.3 billion in 2011/12.

Your Education Secretary
The Conservatives have proved themselves to be no different to Labour on immigration, continuing to bring nearly 600,000 immigrants a year into our small island nation.

Only the British National Party will stop immigration, removing the intolerable burden it places on schools, hospitals, housing, prisons and every other area of British society.
If you won’t vote British National Party for yourself, at least do it for your children.

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