Thursday, 22 March 2012

There’s one place where ethnic minorities are nearly always in the majority – ‘most wanted’ lists.
This month’s Crimewatch line-up is unsurprisingly no different.
As you can see from the below screengrab from the BBC website, ethnic ‘minorities’ make up four out of seven (57 per cent) of March’s most wanted criminals, despite ‘only’ being ten per cent of the population (allegedly).

Amongst this month’s diverse enrichers are:

 Mohammed Ferdaous, from Bangladesh, wanted in connection with the rape of a woman in Manchester;

 Lubomir Oracko, wanted for burglary;

 Ibrahim Kadir, sought for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, who was stabbed in the chest, stomach and arms;

 and Shaker Alfeturi, a registered sex offender who speaks ‘little or no English’.
A look at the Crimewatch archives for previous months tells the same story.
January 2012’s list reveals that four out of six (66 per cent) of ‘most wanted’ criminals still on the loose for that month are foreign.
Of the four who remain from December 2011, two are foreign: Sodor Alom, wanted for the rape of a woman in Newport; and Nisar Dad, wanted for attacking his ex-partner with an iron bar and breaking her elbow.
November 2011’s list comprises of five men, four of whom (80 per cecnt) are racial foreigners.
And so on.
The Crimestoppers website paints a similarly dark picture.
The below screenshot shows the first search results for people sought in relation to sexual offences.

Again, the majority, 70 per cent are racial foreigners, wanted for crimes such as child rape and indecent assault.
The shockingly high proportion of non-white offenders in such lists draws an undeniable correlation between race and criminality, one that members of the British National Party have of course long been aware of.
Unfortunately, even the obvious truth, in front of people’s eyes in black and white, seems to be not proof enough for some.
Let us hope such folk wake up to these realities before they themselves become victims of similar horrific acts.
To help solve these crimes, please visit or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Alternatively, to help prevent such crimes in the future, vote British National Party, the only party against letting criminal immigrants into Britain.

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