Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Widespread sharia law in Britain – with punishments including stoning, whipping and amputations – could lead to support for the British National Party, a peer has claimed.
Baroness Cox told a House of Lords conference that the growing number of sharia courts could even bring about the destruction of democracy and fuel support for ‘far-right groups’ like the BNP.
She said: 'We do not at the moment have the most brutal punishments, but there are those in this country who would like to bring them in.

‘Many sharia courts are an institutional means of intimidation backed by death threats.’
Friendly, peace-loving Muslims
What Lady Cox does not explain, however, is why she would want to stop support for the only party opposed to the spread of Islam in this country.
Sharia law is regarded as ‘God’s law’ by Muslims and is directly derived from the Koran and the words and acts of the prophet Mohammed known as the Sunna.
Homosexuality, adultery, and criticism of Islam are all punishable by death under sharia.
Methods of execution include beheadings, stoning, firing squad and hanging.
Theft is often punished by amputating the accused’s hand.
The consumption of alcohol is frequently punished by flogging.
Sharia courts have been established in Britain since 1982, and there are now around 85 such courts operating across the country. Approximately 3,500 Muslims go each year to these courts for arbitration.
Britain’s Muslim population is estimated at 2.9 million, nearly five per cent of the total population, and an increase of about 75 per cent in the last decade.
The continued levels of Muslim immigration under the LibLabCon government make the state implementation of sharia law unavoidable.
Only the British National Party is committed to banning the backward system of sharia law from our lands and ending Muslim immigration.
The future of this country will inevitably be under a Muslim or Nationalist government. You decide.

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