Monday, 5 March 2012

The latest tale of enrichment in the north east. Now after paying for his benefits, housing, food, water and heating, we get to pay for his legal costs and ‘life’ sentence too. Aren’t we so lucky to be enriched?

AN asylum-seeker has been found guilty of murdering a fellow immigrant following a drinking session at their home.
Dawit Asmelash, 31, will be sentenced at Teesside Crown tomorrow morning when a minimum tariff for his life term will be set.
Asmelash, of Palm Street, Middlesbrough, had denied murdering Haileeb Tadesse, 35, and faced a trial which lasted two weeks.
He initially said he had not been at their shared flat, but then claimed he had been acting in self-defence when he stabbed his friend.
A jury heard that after the killing, Asmelash suggested to a witness that they should say Mr Tadesse had committed suicide.
The jury of seven men and five women took a little over an hour to find him guilty of murder this afternoon.

Full story in the Northern Echo here.

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