Thursday, 8 March 2012

Here’s something I noticed months ago that’s still going on. If you search for a recent news story from the main BNP site,, in Google’s News section, you get no results; in other words, Google doesn’t classify the BNP site as a news site and doesn’t include its stories there.

This wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the fact that it does classify other UK political parties’ websites as news sites, even smaller parties such as UKIP.

Given the fact that the BNP’s site has long been by far the most popular political party website in Britain, surely there is no excuse for Google to ban it from its news section.

Below you can see screenshots of stories from Labour’s website and UKIP’s website appearing in the Google News section when their titles are searched for. However, if you search for the title of a story from the BNP website (in this case 'Robert Downes attacked' from 29 February 2012), you will see that it does not appear.

More shameful bias from Google.

Labour's site in Google News

Even UKIP's site shows up there

But not the BNP's. What a surprise

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