Monday, 20 February 2012

There will be a BNP demonstration against anti-English racist attacks, in Hyde, Greater Manchester, on Saturday the 25th of February.

The demonstration follows the brutal racist attack on 17-year-old Daniel Stringer by eight Asian Muslims in Hyde earlier this month. Daniel was left disfigured with a fractured skull and fractured eye socket and fighting for his sight after the attack.

Dan Stringer
Like Gavin Hopley, Kriss Donald and many others, Daniel was targeted because he was white. Only the British National Party stand up for the indigenous victims of racist attacks in Britain. The establishment and the media will ignore Dan because of the colour of his skin. We won’t. Join our demonstration on Saturday, and help us fight for justice.

Transport is available from the North East for anyone who would like to attend. Please contact 07503 779 207.

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