Monday, 30 January 2012

County Durham BNP activists were once again out litter picking and delivering leaflets yesterday, proving that a spare hour or so on a Sunday can make all the difference, with a few willing and able people.

Two teams covered various parts of Spennymoor with our Referendum NOW leaflets, adding to the work already done there in previous sessions. As usual our teams were met with kind greetings from members of the public who, thanks to our literature, are becoming more aware of the nightmare that is unfolding around them.

Whilst most people were rolling around in front of the telly, digesting their Sunday dinners, after a brief break our little team were cleaning up someone else’s mess again in the local woods.

“How people can just throw away their rubbish with no respect for themselves, their community or their environment is beyond me,” commented Adam Walker.

"Whilst cleaning up mess is not everyone’s cup of tea, it does give a great sense of achievement that something worthwhile has been done and is appreciated by those who care about the area in which they live," he added.

Everyone can do something, and these are two examples of what can be achieved if a little time and effort is put into planning activities. Who will people vote for in the next election in Spennymoor: the ones who are out and about, working and attempting to make things better, or the lazy Labour councillors who can’t be bothered to lift a finger to help anyone but themselves?

For more information on the great work being done by County Durham British National Party or how to become involved, please email or call 07503 779 207.

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