Saturday, 3 September 2011

North East activists travelled to Harrogate today to help the rejuvenated local branch gather more signatures for Nick Griffin’s EU ReferendumNOW petition.

As always, the residents of Harrogate made the visiting activists very welcome with comments such as, ‘You are the only party making any sense at the moment.’ One good-natured heckler did say, ‘You people get everywhere,’ to which the immediate response was, ‘Yes, sir, we're very popular.’

If you live in the Yorkshire region and feel it's time you got back on board with standing up for your country, get in touch with Danny Cooke on 07709 727 168 and find out what's happening in the area. Danny organises regular stalls and has signed up new members whilst gathering hundreds of signatures for the ReferendumNOW petition.

To sign the petition online, click HERE. To get your own petition pack, please contact Alwyn Deacon at

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