Thursday, 8 September 2011

The British Veterans’ Group (BVG) has been established to support our armed forces and its veterans. We oppose Britain’s involvement in all foreign wars where there are no British interests at stake, and we seek to raise awareness of issues that affect our armed forces and its veterans.

One example is the case of WWII veteran Norman Scarth, who is currently being incarcerated at HMP Leeds for six months. His crime, if you can call it that, was to switch on his phone to record a court case due to not being given a hearing device he needed because he is hard of hearing. He was found guilty of contempt of court!

The report on Mr Scarth can be found here, and a petition to free Mr Scarth can be found here.

The group’s Veterans Officer, Pete Molloy, said, “The group is only in its infancy and already has 55 members, and once we have our foundations fully in place, like our standard and campaign literature, we’ll be able to get out there and really promote our group and its aims.”

Membership of the BVG is open to all those British National Party members and non-party members who qualify for the government’s veterans’ badge, serving regulars and reservists, cadet instructors (minimum 10 years’ service), spouses of BVG members and bereaved family members of fallen service personnel.

The group is solely funded by its annual membership fees and donations. It does not receive any financial support from the party nor does the party receive any funding from the BVG. The cost of annual membership of the BVG is £12, £6 for concessions. A membership form can be downloaded here, or you can email for more information.

As a member of the BVG, you will receive a unique member’s pin badge (featuring the BVG insignia, below), two newsletters per year, and be entitled to attend the group’s events such as the Annual General Meeting and trips to places like the National Memorial Arboretum, as well as welfare support when possible.

If you do not qualify for membership of the BVG but would like to make a donation to help with the group’s work supporting our armed forces and veterans, please make a cheque or postal order payable to ‘British Veterans’ Group’ and send to The British Veterans’ Group, PO Box 105, Spennymoor, County Durham, DL16 9BJ.

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