Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Letter by Michael Stewart to The Northern Echo:

This Saturday I helped British National Party activists distribute leaflets relating to the Party's opinions on the recent riots.  As sometimes happens, my colleagues and I were called "racists" by a small but prejudiced and vocal minority.

The British National Party proposed on the leaflet that anybody convicted of rioting, who is an immigrant not eligible for a British passport, should be deported along with their dependents.  Also the Party would back using the Army to protect lives and property during riots. These policies were well-received in towns across the North East.

Would Northern Echo readers agreeing with these common sense ideas see themselves as racist?  Or is that a tired and unfounded accusation, used against us only by supporters of the three main political parties, who working together have utterly failed to protect the country from the scenes of anarchy seen in our major cities?

Michael Stewart, Witton-le-Wear

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