Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Letter by Michael Stewart to The Northern Echo:

I welcome the news from around the country that children involved in the riots are being identified and reported by their own parents. It must be a heart-wrenching decision for those people to make but is ultimately in the best long-term interests of the children and their local communities.

For many of the children, who have been arrested, the participation in the riots may be simply an extension of their habitual attitudes and behaviour but with a sense of invulnerability due to the large crowds involved.

I wonder how the youths loitering of an evening on the streets in the North East would react to a riot.  Certainly the anti-social behaviour of some, although clearly not all, leads me to think they might be very willing participants.

The British National Party does not place much faith in the excuses for children turning to crime and anti-social behaviour but instead calls for a more common-sense approach to the problem.  It is to be hoped that recent events bring back better parenting and some old-fashioned policing of nuisance kids.

Michael Stewart, Witton-le-Wear

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