Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Threats from an undemocratic local shopkeep couldn’t stop intrepid County Durham activists gathering yet more signatures for Nick Griffin’s ReferendumNOW petition in Spennymoor and Bishop Auckland at the weekend.

After setting up their Party stall in the town of Bishop Auckland, activists were accosted by the manager of the local Boots chemist, who attempted to present the team with a letter from the Council that stated that they could not put up a stall opposite the shop.
Knowing more about the law than the manager of Boots, our activists informed him that they would not be moving anywhere.
‘We advised the manager to call the police,’ reports our correspondent. ‘Luckily, for taxpayers in the area, in our Nineteen Eighty-Four-type state that has been created, the police did not need to attend, as a camera that was directly above the stall immediately swivelled in on the action. Clearly, Big Brother decided that our activists were causing no obstruction, no police attended and everyone was left to get on with their legal, legitimate business.’
Earlier that day, the team held a stall in nearby Spennymoor, where they were well received by local supporters, who also signed the Local Jobs for Local People petition. The petition concerns the £200 million Durham Gate development project currently underway near the town and will be handed in to the local Labour MP once complete.
Local activists are also attempting to resolve an ongoing battle with Spennymoor Town Council over permission to use the publicly owned Town Hall for meetings, something which is allowed during an election period under the Representation of the People Act but not at others, at which time the Council bizarrely quote the Race Relations Act. 
To help with the ReferendumNOW petition and other activities in County Durham, please contact countydurham@bnp.org.uk.
To all organisers: If you have not yet ordered your ReferendumNOW leaflets and campaign packs, please do so at your earliest convenience by contacting dispatch manager Alwyn Deacon at dispatch@bnp.org.uk or on 07709 346012.

Big Brother watches locals sign our petition in Bishop Auckland

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