Friday, 12 August 2011

County Durham British National Party are considering forming community patrols in the Middlestone Moor area of Spennymoor after the police and local MP turned a blind eye to reports of racist abuse towards white youths from immigrant takeaway shop owners.

Staff from a takeaway in the town reportedly called the local indigenous youths, including young girls, ‘white trash’ and whipped them with belts.
The situation came to a head on 5 June 2011 when the police were called to the takeaway and a local young teenager was allegedly kicked in the stomach by a non-indigenous police officer.
The reports were brought to the attention of the local British National Party branch, who immediately contacted local MP Helen Goodman and the police.
British National Party activist Pete Molloy said: ‘I wrote to our MP two months ago, seeing as she is an avid campaigner against racism, but I have not received a response from her. Maybe she is not bothered about white victims of racism.
‘I’ve had a short telephone conversation with Inspector Edwards from Spennymoor police station when I first enquired about the incident back in June, but he said he couldn’t comment.
‘Since that telephone conversation, I have written to Inspector Edwards twice for an update and am still waiting to hear from him.
‘I feel as if the police are trying to brush this incident under the carpet and don’t want to treat the local indigenous community with the same respect as they would treat a non-indigenous community, a case of some people being more equal than others.
‘Because of the police’s attitude, there may be a reason for us to ensure the safety of our people by performing community patrols in the area.’

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