Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Anger over last week’s race riots and the Government’s kid gloves response drew new faces to the latest British National Party meeting in the village of Annfield Plain, County Durham.

Topics discussed included the riots themselves and the positive response in the North East to the leaflet campaigns relating to them.
People had the opportunity to raise questions, and the need for training on various subjects was brought up.   
National Organiser Adam Walker revealed plans for extensive training as a result of the Way Forward meetings, and it was stressed that any officers with a need for training should contact their local organiser rather than suffer in silence. "Every problem you face has been faced by somebody in the Party before, so don't be shy," said Adam.
A new member was signed up and the organisers were proud to have a lady in the meeting who had been a constituent of Enoch Powell's and had met him in person.
After the meeting ended, attendees stayed back to catch up with one another, and many took away Standing Order forms, which can be downloaded HERE, to encourage donors to make regular contributions.
The teams will be out spreading the message again this coming Saturday. Anybody available to help should get in touch with North East Regional Organiser Chris Thornton on 0777 972 8743.

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