Saturday, 30 July 2011

The demand for a referendum on Europe was high in South Shields today as a further five hundred people stepped up to sign Nick Griffin’s ReferendumNOW petition to get us out of the EU. 
Activists from South Tyneside were joined by teams from County Durham, Newcastle and around the North East to collect signatures in the town centre.
As with the Bring Our Boys Home petition last year, our members are increasingly finding that getting out of the EU is a policy that is supported by the vast majority of the electorate.
One member of the public told our team: ‘I'm sick of seeing money raised by tax rises and cuts in public sector services wasted on bailing out other countries. We have to look after ourselves, so why can't our other friends in Europe?’
One lady pensioner was at first not really interested but then returned to the stall to sign the petition after reading the leaflet she had been given. She said she despaired for those young people currently in employment being asked to pay for the mistakes made by governments in other countries as well as already having had to pay for the huge problems caused by greedy bankers at home.
An early count of the signatures as the stall was packed away came to around five hundred people who wanted to sign to show their support.
Chris Thornton, Regional Organiser for the North East, said: ‘We were overwhelmed by the response from the people of South Shields. Many had their own stories to tell, and we gave out a huge amount of secondary literature such as We Want Our Country Back leaflets and Voice of Freedom newspapers to people interested in the British National Party and its policies.’
Another activist added: ‘This petition is a great way of engaging with the public and also ideal for bringing back British National Party members who have perhaps not been active in recent months. The public are firmly behind this campaign, and it reminds activists of why they joined up in the first place and how we are in this together.’
If you would like to receive a free petition pack to enable you to run similar stalls in your area, please get in touch with Please be patient, as demand is high.
Don’t forget to sign the petition here and pass it on.

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