Saturday, 25 June 2011

The British National Party protested outside Bolton Crown Court on the 22 June to draw attention to the epidemic of Muslim paedophile grooming across Britain.

Speaking outside the Court, where eight alleged members of a Muslim paedophile rape gang from Rochdale are on trial, Nick Griffin said that it is important that people realise that cases of Muslim paedophile grooming are not just isolated occurrences. 
‘This isn’t a small-scale thing,’ he said. ‘This is gangs of men in their 20s, 30s and even 40s passing around girls as young as 11 or 12 as sexual playthings and very often getting them hooked on hard drugs like heroin.’
However, Mr Griffin emphasised that it was not the gangs themselves that were the main object of the demonstration.
‘The real target of our anger is the British Establishment: the police, the courts, the media and especially the politicians who have let this go on for decades now.
‘All they do is cover it up and make excuses. They’re the ones who are really to blame, because if they got tough with the first few gangs, there wouldn’t now be gangs in virtually every town in the country.
‘Where grooming is going on, if the police won’t do anything about it, it’s up to our community to do something about it.’
The demonstration was opposed by two UNISON activists, and one reporter, who said that he did not agree with a British National Party banner that read, ‘Our Children Are Not Halal Meat’.
Mr Griffin said the man was a disgrace to the journalistic profession for trying to get people arrested for expressing their freedom of speech.
National Elections Officer Clive Jefferson, who was inside the courtroom for the beginning of the trial, said that even though two defendants did not turn up, the others were still given bail.
‘If these people are found guilty, they’ve let rapists back onto the streets,’ Mr Jefferson said. ‘They haven’t even considered the protection of the children.’
He also revealed that the defendants required an interpreter, paid for by the British taxpayers.
Watch the report on British National Party TV here.

The next Our Children Are Not Halal Meat protest will take place in Telford on 2 July.

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