Saturday, 18 June 2011

A local British National Party group in Spennymoor, County Durham, has expressed concerns about the rise of racist abuse perpetrated by staff from a local takeaway shop towards the youth of the local indigenous community. 
There was an incident on the evening of Sunday 5th June 2011 in the vicinity of a takeaway shop on Central Drive, Middlestone Moor, where staff members are alleged to have called youths from the local community "white trash". 
The alleged racial abuse aimed towards the local indigenous youths has not been restricted to verbal abuse, claimed concerned locals, but at times has resulted in physical racial abuse in the form of the staff members "whipping" the youths with belts.
The police were called to attend the incident, at which it is claimed by eyewitnesses that a young indigenous teenager was kicked in the stomach by a non-indigenous police officer.
Local British National Party member Pete Molloy said, "I was very shocked to hear about these incidents where the local indigenous youths are targeted for racial abuse by staff from their local shop.
“I am also very concerned about the allegations made against the police officer, and I have written to Inspector Bentham at Spennymoor Police Station to find out if the officer concerned is still on duty and what the police are going to do about the racist abuse aimed at the local indigenous youth."
Mr Molloy also wrote to the local Labour MP, Helen Goodman, to express his concerns over the incident – last year, Spennymoor Area Action Partnership gave the local area £20,000 to combat racism, and Mr Molloy wanted to know how much of that money was set aside to prevent racism against the indigenous population.
Mr Molloy added, "I felt it was very important to make our MP aware of the alleged racist incidents against the local indigenous youths, with her being an avid campaigner against racism and also with taxpayers’ money being used to prevent racism. Are local taxpayers getting value for money?"

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