Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Labour party-funding GMB trade union has reacted with incredulous shock that its members’ jobs are being given to foreign workers, after reports that Spanish employees are being bussed in to fill posts at a recycling plant in County Durham. 
Members of the union took part in a demonstration outside Sita UK’s Haverton Hill facility in Billingham, near Stockton, after tip offs that British firms had lost out to a Spanish contractor for maintenance work.
GMB representative Jimmy Skivington said he reported seeing three busloads of what he believes were Spanish workers being driven through the plant’s gates. He later spoke to an interpreter outside the building, who confirmed that around 40 foreign workers were operating on the contract.
Sounding like a British National Party spokesman, Mr Skivington said: “How on earth are we going to drag the country out of recession if we give work to foreign companies? We should be handing contracts to our firms to help local people off the dole.”
The protest comes just a few days after a similar confrontation between the GMB and energy company Doosan Babcock, who announced plans to hire 100 Far Eastern welders to work at Yorkshire power stations despite the fact that there are currently at least 500 welders unemployed in the UK.
Nick Griffin commented:
"The GMB is a significant financial contributor to the Labour party, giving them just under £2.1 million in 2010. Ironically, the union also has a history of campaigning against the British National Party ‘wherever they stand in elections’ and has tried to shut down British National Party meetings for being what it terms ‘anti-democratic’.
“Given that staggering level of hypocrisy and self-delusion, it is hardly surprising that GMB bureaucrats don’t see the correlation between supporting a mass immigration party and losing their jobs to foreigners. I think a lot of their members will!
"I welcome the fact that the GMB is opposing the use of foreign labour. Our country is in a recession, and our people need jobs and the income that brings with it. The GMB and other Unions must stop their divisive and diversionary campaigns against the British National Party and concentrate on protecting the jobs and interests of their members.
“The GMB and other Unions must protect British jobs. If they don't, they will lose members to the Nationalist Union Solidarity. That Union has grown year on year because it represents British Workers and fights only for their interest."
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