Monday, 16 May 2011

Letter by Pete Molloy in The Northern Echo today.

IF I was to place this quote “How on earth are we going to drag the country out of recession if we give work to foreign companies?
We should be handing contracts to our firms to help local people off the dole” on my British National Party election leaflet, I would have many liberal and leftwing organisations condemning me as a “xenophobic racist”.
Even though the quote is the same language used by the BNP, it did not come from us but was attributed to a representative from one of the left-wing organisations that spends its members’ dues on campaigning against us.
Mr Jimmy Skivington of the GMB union made the above quote whilst protesting, quite rightly, outside of Sita UK’s facility. He was talking about Spanish workers being used instead of local labour (Echo, May 13).
It is rather hypocritical of the GMB to do this protest since it provides the EU-supporting Labour Party with financial support through its political fund and it was the very same Labour Party, when in government, that ratified the Lisbon Treaty without a thought to the British people.
Well done GMB in helping with the destruction of the British workforce.
Pete Molloy, British National Party.

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