Friday, 8 April 2011

Letter by Pete Molloy in The Northern Echo.

AS nationalists, we in the British National Party believe that every nation of people have the right to self determination and therefore, we are totally against the Government’s interference in Libya.

What is happening in Libya is a civil war. It is up to the Libyan people themselves, and themselves alone, to decide their fate.

This Government is no better than the previous Labour government for wanting to impose its will on selective foreign countries and risking the lives of our Armed Forces.

War might be part and parcel for our establishment political parties sitting safely in the House of Commons, but how many of them would have the guts to fight the wars they start?

Despite the risk of British lives, there is the cost of Cameron’s Libyan war.

How much will it cost us in the end?

Many British people face an uncertain financial future because of job losses due to Government spending cuts, but there is always money available to massage a Prime Minister’s ego fighting a war, or giving £650m in foreign aid to countries like Pakistan.

Pete Molloy, Veterans Officer, British National Party

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