Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Letter by Mark Walker to The Northern Echo.
Please level the playing field a little by printing the following letter. It is written in response to ‘THUGS’, 02/04/11.
I feel obliged to respond to an anonymous letter printed in HAS (Sat 2nd April 2011) about the recent London march against Government cuts. With elections looming, I was not surprised to see the writer berating the British National Party, stating that the party would never back a march where everyone stands united in the same cause. Nonsense. The British National Party would (and do) stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone who would help us campaign to get our troops home. We have recently handed in a petition to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street signed by thousands of people regardless of colour, gender religion, sexuality and age. I hope that the public see through such attempts at undemocratic third party interference and actually read the policies of the BNP before casting their vote.

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