Wednesday, 9 March 2011

If anyone ever asks you for an example of when the media tells lies about the British National Party, this is a good one. In 2009, the Sun newspaper ran a story called 'Lumley: BNP sickos slur hero Gurkha' that claimed Adam Walker had published an anti-Gurkha leaflet.

It very quickly transpired that the leaflet was a fake and the Sun had been lying.

The article ran quotes from Joanna Lumley and local Labour MP Phil Wilson denouncing the fake leaflet with all the usual PC platitudes and moral posturing.

As you can see from the above picture, the original article was very prominent. However, their below retraction, in which they admit they are total liars is tiny and tucked away on page 12.

So in other words, the damage is done, because far more people read the original huge article than that tiny retraction. And yet people scoff when we blame media bias for some people's attitude towards us.

Don't believe what you read. And certainly don't pay for it.

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