Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dave and Stephanie Bell
The new North Durham British National Party organiser, Dave Bell, held a very successful first meeting in Annfield Plain on Thursday evening, reports local activist Michael Stewart.

Mr Bell was joined by guest speakers Mark Walker and British National Party Veterans leader, Pete Molloy, who both gave informative and hard-hitting speeches to the residents who had braved the rain and gales to attend.

The strong turnout was mostly comprised of new faces, so the meeting was an excellent opportunity to address local people directly without any media bias or propaganda to distort our message.

Mark Walker
Mr Walker introduced the first issue of the rebranded Voice of Freedom newspaper, which he called a vital tool for the Party, as it is the only paper not infested with the anti-BNP spin of the National Union of Journalists.

He urged the audience not just to buy a copy but to pass it on to a friend and family member after they had read it.

Mr Molloy told the meeting about his work as the leader of the British National Party’s recently formed veterans’ group. He pointed out the tremendous support for the Party within the armed services, where every individual is by nature fervently patriotic.

He stressed that the Conservatives and Lib Dems clearly do not care for the men and women in our armed services, as they would have and should have brought our troops home from Afghanistan. Instead our nation is now facing 350 dead personnel, thousands wounded and all for an oil pipeline in a country where no foreign army has ever won.

Pete Molloy
Mr Molloy went on to say that the war causes homegrown terrorism and reminded the audience that the British National Party has always called for an immediate withdrawal of our country’s forces from Afghanistan.

North East Regional Organiser, Cheryl Dunn, was also present and congratulated Dave Bell on the turnout and the high quality of the meeting. "It goes to show just what can be achieved when decent people are willing to put in the effort," she said.

The next meeting of the North Durham group was confirmed for Thursday 7 April 2011. Details of further meetings in County Durham will be announced via email bulletins to members and on the County Durham Patriots blog.

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