Saturday, 12 February 2011

Letter in The Northern Echo today by Ralph Musgrave:

PETE Winstanley claims the British National Party thinks Islam is the problem rather than Islamist extremism (HAS, Feb 9).

Having stood for the BNP in Durham in the last General Election, I am happy to defend the BNP on this one.

For several years now, the worldwide Islamic authorities have tried at the United Nations to have criticism of Islam made illegal under international law.

Only fascists try to suppress other people’s free speech and freedom of conscience.

And this “no criticism of Islam” policy is not being pushed by Islamist extremists: it is being pushed by senior representatives of Islam worldwide. Thus the problem is Islam, not just Islamic extremists.

But, of course, this form of fascism doesn’t worry the politically correct. Laying down the law on what we can say and think is all part of political correctness. The politically correct, Hitler, Stalin and Islam, have much in common.

Ralph Musgrave, Durham.

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