Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A very good letter by local British National Party candidate Ralph Musgrave in The Echo today:

ROB Meggs uses some pretty intemperate language to criticise the coalition’s economic policies (HAS, Feb 16). He says the coalition’s plans on health and education are “enough to make a cat laugh”. Plus he describes coalition politicians as “nonentities”.

On the same day, Dave Brothers, of Ukip, describes Hugh Pender as “vitriolic”.

But the strange thing is there’s no chance of Rob Meggs or Hugh Pender being arrested for “hate speech”. In contrast, if someone described Muslims or some other immigrant group in similar terms, there’s every chance of an arrest.

I suggest that “hate speech” legislation has nothing whatever to do with hatred.

It’s largely to do with promoting an absurd political view, namely that it is a good idea to destroy national identities and cultures by swamping them with incoming cultures.

Moreover, the above discriminatory element in hate speech legislation is racist. That is, it discriminates on the basis of skin colour. The hypocrisy of the politically correct and those who claim to oppose racism is a wonder to behold.

Ralph Musgrave, Durham.

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