Wednesday, 16 February 2011

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The Battle for Barnsley

Fellow Patriot,
The last day of action in Barnsley saw a fantastic response in support of our candidate, Enis Dalton.
Work on the Barnsley by-election is going on around the clock.

At weekends we up the tempo still further and ask people to come to Barnsley and join scores of others out campaigning for our fine local candidate.

This weekend (Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February) and next (Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 February) we are having two big pushes.

These are the last two weekends before the election, so it's very important we get lots of people along to help the hardworking local activists.
Please meet outside the Spencers Arms, Barugh Green Road, Barugh Green, Barnsley, S75 1JT.
The meeting time for all four days is 10 a.m. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ian Sutton on 07795 311 139 or 07884 298 174.
It's a really exciting campaign, but if you just can't make it, I hope that you will make a contribution to campaign costs.
Please give online or by ringing 0844 8094582. 

Your donation will help the activists out on the front line.

Please accept my sincere thanks,

Adam Walker
National Organiser
P.S. There is another simple way you can help us. Send us three of your friends’ or family's email addresses – people of like mind and spirit – so we can triple our capacity to fight for the survival of our Nation. Does someone you know think as we do but does not yet have the heart to say it out loud? That is why we are here… because we are the voice of the British people, and we DO have the heart to say what EVERYONE is thinking. Just email the contacts to admin @ and we will do the rest.

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