Friday, 28 January 2011

The British National Party's Voice of Freedom newspaper re-launches this weekend, with an impressive, sleek design featuring the Party's new logo.

The issue's front-page story focuses on the scandal of Muslim gangs' preying on young white girls, pledging that if the police don't protect our children from those paedophiles, we will. 

The racist grooming of white girls by Asian Muslims has been exposed by the British National Party since 2001, and it will be a major campaign point in the upcoming Barnsley Central by-election.

County Durham British National Party is featured heavily in the issue, with reports about Cheryl Dunn's becoming the new North East Organiser (below), and Adam Walker's Spennymoor by-election result.

Cheryl Dunn from Hartlepool has been appointed as the new British National Party Regional Organiser for the North East of England.

She takes over from Ken Booth who after six years in the job is stepping down to concentrate on building on the Party’s growing support in Newcastle.

Cheryl is the Hartlepool organiser and has stood as a candidate in several elections in the town, polling credible results in first-time-contested areas and also generating strong support for the party in a mayoral campaign.

Following the recent General Election, Cheryl appeared on the front page of Voice of Freedom after she had polled 2,317 votes and saved her deposit in the Easington constituency.

Cheryl says she is “honoured to have been trusted with such a key role” and hopes that her belief in teamwork and recognition of people’s efforts will bring similar success to the region.

“I want to build on the spirit that people have shown in the past and provide a fresh focus for the hard-working activists in the North East,” she said.

The mum-of-three describes how she worries for her children’s future with the current government and especially with the hold that Labour still have in the area.

She realises that failure is just not an option when the people of the North East and the country are at stake.

A new regional team has been appointed which will work closely together to make the North East an even bigger success than it has previously been.

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