Friday, 28 January 2011

“2011 will be a year of tough battles for the British National Party,” says National Organiser Adam Walker.

The opportunity for another great British National Party victory approaches. In May, we have the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish elections. These proportional representational elections offer our greatest opportunities, but they are also our greatest challenges.

The percentages needed this year in Wales and Scotland are well within our reach, but the huge size of these regional seats will stretch our logistics and finances to the limit; the deciding factor in this coming fight will be... you. If you rise to the challenge and rally to the cause, we can win two or even three seats in the Welsh Assembly, and we even have a shot at sending a British National Party member to represent us in the Scottish Parliament.

We need to start raising money, producing literature, knocking on doors and campaigning house by house now – not in a month’s time, but now.

In the year ahead, the cuts will bite. The Conservative and Liberal Democrat voters are already deserting their parties by the thousand. Just as the expenses scandal opened the door for us into Europe, so now these broken promises of the coalition offer us the edge that we need to gain those extra few percent to make our next historic breakthrough.

It is also time for the British National Party to become more militant. As our Chairman announced at December’s National Conference, we will take to the streets. We did this in Oldham, where dozens of patriots came from all over the north of England to stand shoulder to shoulder with Nick Griffin and our candidate Derek Adams in a mass demonstration to highlight the disgusting crimes of the predatory Muslim paedophile gangs.

We did it again, in Bletchley, with a fantastic turnout of British National Party members and local residents braving sub-zero temperatures and standing united in opposition of the plans to make another traditional British pub into a mosque. This is the kind of militancy that our chairman talked of, and this is the kind of militancy that the British National Party will be displaying the length and breadth of Britain, on the issues that the other political parties ignore.

So I want to see a far more activist-based party in 2011. Our campaigns are getting a great response from our activists and the public. Our leader, Nick Griffin, has called for more militant action in defence of our people and their rights. We will answer that call.

2011 is going to be a year of hard work and activism: make no mistake. You are going to be called on to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. For those who are unable to join us on the streets, there are many other ways to help the struggle. Everyone must play his part in the war to win back our country, because we’re the only ones with the guts and the determination to do it.

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