Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Letter by the British National Party's City of Durham candidate in The Northern Echo this week, and a good comment on it left on the paper's website by Adam Walker.

The Northern Echo – Letters – Muslims

THE governor of the Punjab is assassinated. Christians are murdered and hounded out of Iraq.

And, sure as night follows day, Pete Winstanley claims this is the responsibility of “extremists” and “not a conflict between one religion and another” (HAS, Jan 17).

I’m afraid that violence is part and parcel of religion, Islam in particular.

A third of UK Muslim students think it is acceptable to kill in the name of their religion.

As for the proportion of Muslims in Pakistan who support the governor’s murder, it would be reasonable to expect this to be higher than one third.

And there is evidence that the majority of educated Pakistanis support the murder (never mind the less educated).

Violence should not be part of religion. I am afraid it just is.

Ralph Musgrave, Durham.

Adam Walker, Spennymoor says...

10:58am Sun 23 Jan 11

I remember manning (personing) a stall in Durham City some time ago. We had leaflets that explained how dangerous Islam can be. A group of Muslim men surrounded our stall and began ranting that our literature wasn't helping them to integrate. I replied that strapping bombs on their backs and blowing the tops off buses wasn't helping them much either.

I fear that unless we get a grip of this 'religion of peace' we will see our country Islamified within 3 decades. I do not want my children and grand children living as slaves under such a medieval regime. Our foolish liberal left really do need to wake up. Cant wait to read Mr Winstanleys reply to Mr Musgraves letter. No doubt it will be full of the usual rubbish about how great Islam is.

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