Monday, 10 January 2011

At first sight what could be more normal? Derek Adams takes his place at the table to answer questions from the public at a hustings meeting. Derek is the British National Party candidate in the Oldham and Saddleworth by-election.

What happened next is a sad indictment on democracy in Britain in 2011. You can view the footage by clicking on the picture below.

Labour supporters objected to Mr Adams and insisted he leave. Derek is not a man to be bullied or ordered about during his election campaign by anyone, and certainly not the Labour Party.

He quite rightly told the Labour lackey that he was a candidate in the by-election, this was a hustings and he was going nowhere.

The hustings start was then held up as the Labour councillor called the police who then told Mr Adams that the "event organiser" wanted him to leave.

Mr Adams very calmly said that he was not prepared to leave just because the Labour Party objected, and said that it was an ‘absolute outrage.’

The police officer then went outside and came back with six of his colleagues. They surrounded Mr Adams, physically dragged him from his seat and marched him out.

I then stood up and told the hustings crowd that “democracy is clearly dead in Oldham.

I went on to tell them:

“If you want more paedophile gangs of Muslims preying on our children in Oldham all they had to do was keep voting for the likes of these politicians left on the stage.”

I then led a walkout of the Party’s supporters in the crowd.

Outside the police apologised to Mr Adams, saying that they ‘were just doing their job’.

Our team of patriots mobilised their tannoys and staged a peaceful but noisy demonstration outside the hustings and had their say despite the worst efforts of the political establishment to silence the British National Party.

Yet this event is typical of how efforts have been made to censor the British National Party candidate and campaign.

Mr Adams did a very powerful interview on the Politics Show which went out live at the weekend.

He got over the hard-hitting facts about the grooming of our young white children in Oldham and elsewhere, and that our chairman, Nick Griffin, has been put on trial for trying to bring this issue to the public’s attention in 2005.

The interview was at that point cut short. Strangely this particular programme isn't available on BBC Iplayer as would normally be the case.

The same happened with the BNP demonstration against Muslim paedophiles held in the centre of Oldham. Despite interviewing Nick Griffin and filming the demonstration nothing was carried on Sky News.

It seems that the controlled media don't want people to know the facts.

I hope you will join the many others who are protesting against the censorship of Derek Adams and the British National Party campaign in Oldham and Saddleworth. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Go to the YouTube link of the footage showing Derek being removed from the hustings and share it through your social networks like Facebook
  • Post comments on news pages pointing out that it was Nick Griffin who alerted people to the paedophile Muslim gangs first
  • Join or renew your membership of the British National Party
  • Donate by using the links or ringing 0844 809 0581
  • Email Clive Jefferson at to find out how to help the campaign in Oldham
  • Protest to the Delphi Community Association about their decision to exclude Derek Adams

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