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Adam Walker Makes Halal Slaughter Ban Main By-Election Issue

Adam Walker has made the banning of halal meat in local schools his main policy in an upcoming by-election in his hometown of Spennymoor, County Durham.

A recent Freedom of Information request by Adam's brother, Mark Walker, revealed that nearly half (16 out of 37) of the county's secondary schools and 32 of its 240 primary schools serve the ritually slaughtered meat to pupils.

"I think it's outrageous that so many of our schools serve halal to children, especially in a county in which only around one percent of the population is Muslim," said Adam Walker.

"This is another instance of our politically correct government putting the interests of the vocal minority ahead of those of the indigenous majority. If I am elected to the town council, I shall put forward a motion for the banning of this barbarically slaughtered food."

Other issues in the campaign include opposition to drastic local budget cuts and waste of Council funds, and a tough approach to the town's rising instances of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Mr Walker will be standing for election in the Low Spennymoor and Tudhoe Grange ward of Spennymoor on Thursday 16 December 2010. He stood in the region for a county council election in 2008 and polled an impressive 933 votes, coming a close third behind the two elected Labour councillors.

Please get in touch if you want to help us leaflet for this election.

Ireland Bailout Letter by Ralph Musgrave

Letter by BNP candidate Ralph Musgrave in today's Northern Echo:

GEOFFREY Bulmer might be right in backing Britain’s loan to Ireland (HAS, Nov 25). But our money is not 100 per cent safe.

Ireland could descend to chaos as a result of the austerity and become incapable of repaying its debts. Doubtless Sinn Fein would back this option. Sinn Fein would get plenty of votes by portraying Brits and Germans as wicked absentee landlords.

Alternatively, Ireland (perhaps along with Portugal, Spain, etc) might go for a more organised withdrawal from the euro.

They might then just stick two fingers up at their creditors, and revert to the Irish punt, Spanish peseta, etc.

Ralph Musgrave, Durham.

And one from last week:

REGARDING your leading article (Echo, Nov 17) which said “when countries go head-to-head with the money markets there can only ever be one winner”.

While that is true at the moment, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Currently, banks devote enormous efforts to wrest control of the world’s economies from democratically elected governments.

For example, there are allegedly ten bank funded lobbyists for every member of Congress in the United States.

Or, as Senator Dick Durbin put it in reference to Congress and banks: “Frankly, they own the place.”

Ralph Musgrave, Durham.

South Tyneside BNP Christmas Party – Saturday 18 December

The South Tyneside BNP Christmas party will be held on Saturday 18 December, at 7.30 p.m. at the Highlane Social Club, High Lane, Hebburn, NE31 1SW.

There will be live entertainment including vocals-and-guitar karaoke, a disco, raffle and a festive buffet. Entrance and food is all free to say a big thank you to our hardworking local activists.

BNP MEP for the North West, Nick Griffin, will also be in attendance. The event is open to both members and non-members.

Leafleting Saturday 27 November 1 p.m.

Leafleting tomorrow in Spennymoor at 1 p.m. at the Crown car park. Sorry for the late notice.

All-Weather Activism

Leafleting in Spennymoor, Thursday 25 November

Leafleting for an upcoming by-election in Spennymoor this Thursday, starting at 10 a.m. in the Crown car park.

Leafleting in Spennymoor – Sunday 21 November

Leafleting in Spennymoor this Sunday, starting at 10 a.m. in The Crown car park. Please come along, and help out.

BNP Remembrance Service at Menin Gate

Here are just a few more pictures from the British National Party event to attend the Remembrance Service held at the Menin Gate this year, courtesy of Michael Stewart.

Nick Speaking At The Remembrance Dinner – Nick Griffin gave a very moving speech to British National Party life members, officials of the party and members of the Trafalgar Club. Nick's own father, a World War II veteran, was also at the dinner.

Adam Walker At The Remembrance Dinner – Adam served with the British Army during the first war in the Persian Gulf. This was Adam's first visit to the Menin Gate, which he described as "heartbreaking" when so many of our brave service personnel are now facing danger of death and injury on a daily basis.

Poppy Wreaths At The Menin Gate Service – During the event, representatives from many British organisations laid wreaths. On behalf of the British National Party, Nick Griffin added a wreath to pay our respects to the service personnel who gave their lives to protect our freedom.

BNP Member Mr Singh At The Menin Gate Service – British National Party member and long-time supporter Mr Singh was part of the group at the Menin Gate service and took time to find the names of 36th, 45th and 47th Sikhs who gave up their lives for freedom.

Nick With BNP Member Bob At The Menin Gate Service – With the group and only two weeks out of the army was Bob, who was injured in Afghanistan. Bob has been a member of the British National Party for many years, and now, in retirement, he is allowed and proud to be an activist for the party. He made it clear that the current government does not have the British interests at heart and that the British National Party is the only political party that would withdraw our men and women from Afghanistan.

Tyneside BNP Meeting – Thursday 25 November

BNP meeting at the Highlane Social Club, High Lane Row, Hebburn, NE31 1SW on Thursday 25 November at 7.30 p.m.

Guest speakers include Arthur Kemp and Mark Walker.

Raffle and buffet included.

Newcastle BNP Collect Hundreds of Signatures against Islamic School

Newcastle BNP held another stall in Benwell, west Newcastle today and gathered well over a hundred more signatures for their "Say No to Burka Grove" campaign, which has been running since Saturday.

Some activists collected signatures from passers-by while others were out delivering leaflets with petition forms to local houses.

"The response today has been excellent," said Dorothy Brooke, who was the BNP's candidate for Tynemouth in this year's general election. "Lots of people knew about the campaign already, even though it's only a few days old, and many of them asked for petition forms to take back home for family members."

Several hundred leaflets were given out on the day, but there are thousands more to be distributed to the local area. Leafleting is ongoing, and anyone interested in helping out should call Newcastle organiser Ken Booth on 07954 434173.

The petition can also be signed at

Gateshead Six Update

Thanks to Civil Liberty for the below article, taken from here. The protest will now go ahead on the 15th of December 2010, starting at 9.45 a.m. The same article also has some interesting information about Burka Grove.

The protest planned in support of the Gateshead Six outside Gateshead police station on Tuesday, the 16th of November, has been postponed.

The Gateshead Six (as they have been dubbed by supporters) were due to answer bail on that day but Northumbria Police have inexplicably pushed forward to next month the day on which they will now have to answer bail. Therefore, their supporters have announced, the new date of the mass protest in their support is Wednesday, December the 15th, the new date on which they will have to answer bail at Gateshead police station. More details will follow in due course.

Civil Liberty is happy to support this new protest and we call upon all nationalists, patriots and supporters of free speech and expression to attend.

The Gateshead Six were arrested after the burning of a Koran outside a Gateshead pub, the Bugle, in Leam Lane, and a video of the event, filmed on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US, posted on Youtube prompting complaints. They could face seven years in jail if convicted of 'inciting racial hatred' because of their actions.

They later described themselves in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper as "English nationalists" who acted out of frustration and claimed that there "was one law for Muslims and another law for white English people."

This case has profound implications for free speech and expression and is being watched across the world as an example of how much the process of Islamisation is restricting free speech and expression in the UK.

On the subject of Burka Grove, please join and share the below Facebook page.

Welcome to Your Islamic Future

The former Byker Grove building, now under renovation to create an educational centre for the community in Newcastle upon Tyne. The project is being managed and run by Mufti Abdulmuheet.

Unless you actually do something to help the BNP, of course. Helping us deliver some of the below Say No to Burka Grove leaflets would be a good start.

Mark Walker Supports Solidarity's Ex-Forces Housing Initiative

From Solidarity trade union.

SOLIDARITY TRADE UNION National Executive member Mark Walker has added his voice to the recent call for the government to do much more for ex-service personnel.

The original call was made by his brother - and Solidarity President – Adam Walker, in a personal message just prior to Armistice Day.

“Like Adam, I also served my country and people. He was in the 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars, whilst I served for six years in the RAF where I saw active service in Gulf War I. As an ex-serviceman and trade unionist, I naturally take a particular interest in all social, economic and industrial affairs which affect both serving and former servicemen and women.”

Mark explained that whilst on his travels, he’s noticed many properties standing empty. “Some of these have obviously been re-possessed by various building societies – a sad sign of the times.” Others have just been vandalized.

He called upon the government to link up with the building societies, so that when a property becomes available it could be earmarked for ex-service personnel. These properties could be sold – at cost – or rented out at an affordable rate.

“The government is always saying that it owes a huge debt of gratitude to British forces personnel. Why not honour that debt of gratitude by solving the chronic housing shortage for those who leave the services?”

Although it’s well-known that Solidarity doesn’t get involved with politics, he wondered if the union could, in future, involve itself in some form of self-help, social action initiative or charitable acts. Such activity would logically follow the ideas already mooted by fellow National Executive members David Kerr and Pat Harrington (who is also the General Secretary of STU).

In September, Mr. Kerr noted that as well as campaigning against the cuts, trade unionists should be thinking in practical terms of how we can support those who are worse off than themselves.

Such practical activity would also dovetail nicely with the call - made around a year ago - by Mr. Harrington who noted that workers “must build their own political and economic counter-power.”

Concluding, Mark Walker noted:

“British workers in general – and British servicemen and women in particular – have been totally let down by the politicians.

Tories like David Cameron and Tory apologists like Nick Clegg can’t be trusted. Nor can Ed Miliband’s Labour Party. Both the Con-Dem cabinet and Labour shadow-cabinet are full of millionaires. They’ve completely out of touch with the people.

Many of the establishment unions are no better. Their leaders – and the unions themselves – would class themselves as ‘socialists’, however, they have incomes and assets that would be the envy of many fat-cats and PLCs!

In addition, they seem to be more interested in unveiling busts of Karl Marx and re-writing the history of the Spanish civil war.

If the politicians and establishment politicians won’t help the British people out in their hour of need, who will?”

Say No to Burka Grove – Help Newcastle BNP

Members of County Durham BNP will be helping out Newcastle activists with their campaign against the Islamification of the historic Benwell Towers, also known as The Mitre, next week.

The BAHR "Muslim community group" was sold the building, which was used as the set for the TV show Byker Grove, at a knock-down price and plan to turn it into an Islamic "school and cultural centre". The building has a history going back to the 13th century and was the residence of the Bishop of Newcastle in the 1880s. Now it's just going to be another part of our heritage that's sold off to foreign invaders.

Newcastle BNP were in their hometown with a tabletop stall today and will be leafleting the surrounding area over the coming weeks.

Full story here.

We'll be leaving Spennymoor at 9 a.m. on Tuesday 16 November for some leafleting in Newcastle, if you'd like to help. Or if you'd like to do your bit any other time, call Ken Booth on 07954 434173.

Often when I ask people to help on here and Facebook, I get the usual "I live too far away"/"I would lose my job" excuses, so if you can't come and help, please consider making a donation to our branch instead: that way you'll at least be doing something to help your country survive.

Donate to County Durham BNP:

Also join the Stop Burka Grove Facebook Page.

Their Evil Aim: to Destroy the BNP

Sorry to have to sully our blog with another picture of this man's face, but it's important.

Despite a High Court assault on our freedom this week, the British National Party stands proud and unbowed.

The misnamed Equalities and Human Rights Commission brought a contempt case against me, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby. Their aim was to use public funds to bully and oppress us and the entire party. Make no mistake, this is no neutral regulator out to secure the 'human rights' of others - the Commission's aim is to destroy OUR human rights and the democracy and freedom for which generations of our war heroes have died.

Their Evil Aim: Destroy the BNP

Their aim was to bankrupt and humiliate us and to jail me. The Guardian newspaper made this clear:

"Griffin faces a large financial penalty or even jail if the court rules in favour of the equality watchdog, which is bringing the case".

Both ECHR head Trevor Phillips and his racist “Operation Black Vote” sidekick Simon Woolley have claimed that the BNP is deliberately flouting the original court order. The truth is quite different.

The BNP has complied with the order and it is the ECHR that is misusing the courts and public money for political ends.

Woolley has made his hatred of the BNP and his desire to close us down very plain. He does not even want to address your legitimate concerns: "Pandering to racist views peddled by the
BNP and bought by BNP voters is grotesque"
he has said in public.

For his part, Phillips is on record saying that he views BNP members as "less than

These are the people who run the tax-guzzling ECHR. They want to destroy the BNP, dismiss your concerns and exclude you from any democratic debate No wonder Phillips used to have a bust of Lenin on his desk!

Phillips and Woolley Misjudged the British Spirit

Phillips and Woolley don't understand the British spirit - when our backs are against the wall we come out fighting! Supporters of the BNP embody that spirit. Our boys and girls were on the streets outside the Royal Courts of Justice standing up for freedom, despite the pouring rain and freezing cold. Our supporters paid for a high-powered, confident and well-briefed legal team to present the best possible case to the court to throw out this crackpot charge.

>> Click Here to Make a Donation >>

or ring 0207 078 3269

They were there because of you and your generosity. And they gave the Commission's lawyers bloody noses all round. The equality bullies got their come-uppance this week!

I believe that the judges understand that we have sought to abide by the law and that the ECHR kept moving the goalposts to try to find new ways to attack us. We are nearing the end of this now and only have to get through a further two-day hearing on technical legal points before judgment will be delivered.

So we will still have to send a legal team back into court. It is vital to see that the party is represented by a professional team so that our best interests can be served.

Give me the weapons I need in this fight. Please send a donation today to ensure that we once again - and for the last time - field the best legal minds to defend our rights.

Let's wipe the smiles off the faces of Phillips and Woolley and show them that we will defend our rights and will not be bullied, sidelined or oppressed!

>> Click Here to Make a Donation >>

or ring 0207 078 3269

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MEP

Chairman, BNP


I know that the same spirit that got our Country through two World Wars is still alive in us today. With that spirit we can never be beaten.

Whether you fight by attending protests or giving money you are expressing that 'never say die' attitude. It's what once made our country great and, God willing, will again.

Leafleting in Spennymoor Tomorrow

We're delivering VoFs in Spennymoor tomorrow (Saturday) for a couple of hours, starting at 11 a.m. Please come along, and lend a hand if you're free.

BNP Veterans Group Formed by County Durham Member

A new group has been formally set up within the British National Party for veterans of HM Forces, Gulf War and Northern Ireland veteran Pete Molloy has announced.

“The group will hold its inaugural meeting on Saturday 11th December 2010 at the Party’s national conference where there will be a veteran’s parade on the Sunday,” Mr Molloy told BNP News.

“Those veterans who are attending the gala dinner on the Friday evening may wear their medals with mess dress if they have one, regimental blazers or dinner suit

“The group is open for all those party members who have served in either the regular or reserve armed forces.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of the veterans group, please contact Mr Molloy at veterans @


IMPORTANT UPDATE – Gateshead Protest Date Changed

Northumbria Police have moved the date of the Gateshead Six's bail date from 16 November to 15 December, thus the protest date has changed accordingly.

More information to follow.

Anti-BNP Brainwashing in Schools

The above scan was handed to us by a concerned parent of a child who attends St Benet Biscop Catholic High School in Bedlington, Northumberland. The teacher wrote examples of "racism" on the blackboard, and the class had to copy them out and rate how "serious" the "racism" was in each example.

As you can see from the sentences the children had to copy, all of the examples are of white pupils being the perpetrators of this so-called racism. Even when it states that "An Asian boy deliberately trips up a white boy," it still concludes the example with, "The white boy starts a fight," as if the deliberately tripping up of someone is not the starting of the fight.

Even more shocking is the fact that this exercise attempts to brainwash children into hating the BNP by clearly using the Party in one of its examples. It invents a fictitious example of a BNP magazine with "nasty cartoons of Asian and black children" and presents it as fact.

This exemplifies the disgusting hypocrisy that exists in our education system, wherein BNP members can be banned from teaching on the pretence that they will supposedly bring their politics into the classroom, while the state gives itself free rein to brainwash our children with its own anti-white propaganda.

If any other parents have examples of this state conditioning in their schools, please contact us with your stories and evidence. A transcript of the scan is below.

Racial Discrimination

Discriminating against somebody else's race

A white boy starts a fight with a smaller Asian boy. Afterwards he speaks of his opponent as ‘one of them’.

A girl brings a racist magazine into school, published by the BNP. It contains nasty cartoons of Asian and black children.

Boys are playing football at dinner time. An Asian boy deliberately trips up a white boy. The white boy starts a fight.

In a lesson, a girl says ‘unemployment keeps going up because immigrants took all the good jobs’. Not serious.

A white boy asks a Sikh why he is wearing a turban. Serious but not racist.

BNP Members Mark Remembrance Day in Bruges

Members of County Durham BNP were amongst those marking Remembrance Day in Bruges today as part of the latest BNP activists' trip to the European Parliament. The members observed the two-minute silence in the historic Markt (Market Square) in the heart of the city.

Adam Walker observes the two-minute silence at the eleventh hour

BNP members observe the two-minute silence

The empty Markt after the two-minute silence, from the city's iconic belfry

BNP members Michael Stewart, Angelos Gavriel, Clive Jefferson and Adam Walker

Support the "Gateshead Six" Protest – Wednesday 15 December

Please note: The date of the protest is now Wednesday 15 December 2010 not 16 November.

On Tuesday 16 November there will be a protest against the arrest of six Gateshead men for burning a koran, outside Gateshead police station, High West St, Gateshead, NE8 1BN. The six men will be answering bail on the day, and the protest will begin at 10 a.m.

This is not a BNP demonstration but is for all patriots from any party or group who still believe that a man should be allowed freedom of expression in his own country.

The fact that people can face going to prison in this country for burning a koran shows the disgusting lengths that political oppression and double standards have reached. When was the last time someone went to prison for burning a bible, or when did a muslim last go to prison for burning a Union Jack? The Gateshead men face up to seven years in prison if convicted. If you oppose Marxist state oppression, please come along, and show your support.

More information can be found in the below Civil Liberty article:

Support the Gateshead Six: Protest outside Gateshead Police Station on Tuesday, November the 16th.

Supporters of the six people arrested in Gateshead following the alleged burning of a Koran outside a public house in the town on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks (now dubbed the 'Gateshead Six' by supporters) have called for a protest outside Gateshead's main police station, which is situated opposite Gateshead Civic Centre, two minutes walk from Gateshead Metro station, when they all answer bail next month.

The first member of the Gateshead Six is due to answer bail at 10 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday, the 16th of November, with the rest following at half hour intervals throughout the day.

Civil Liberty is happy to support the protest and is calling on all nationalists, patriots and defenders of free speech and expression to gather outside Gateshead Police Staion from 9.30am onwards until 12.30 - 1pm when the last member of the Gateshead Six is expected at the station to answer bail.

Northumbria Police, which is a thoroughly dysfunctional police force, along with the prosecuting authorities, now face an unfortunate dilemma with regards this highly controversial case following the heavy-handed raid on the public house and the subsequent arrest of the Gateshead Six.

If they are charged and the case goes to court, not only will massive media interest be generated, but protests, for and against, are to be expected throughout the trial in a case that has freedom of speech and freedom of expression implications for all those concerned about our rapidly unravelling multi-cultural society. If they are not charged, then lots of people are going to get the message that burning a Koran is a good idea on the the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and that videoing the act of immolation and then posting it on the internet, as the Gateshead Six allegedly did, is perfectly acceptable as well.

The case also begs the question as to whether Northumbria Police would have acted in such a way if someone had set fire to a Bible and posted a video of the actual burning on the internet? Is this another case of double standards with one set of rules for Muslims (and other alien religious and racial groups) and another set of rules for Christians (and non-Christians) particularly if they are native to these islands?

Moreover, when a work of art called 'Piss Christ' (it requires little explanation, but it was basically a representation of Jesus Christ made with frozen urine) was exhibited at the Baltic in Gateshead, a publicly funded modern art gallery on the banks of the River Tyne, no action was taken by the police despite complaints that it was offensive, inflammatory and blasphemous. A later attempt to launch a private prosecution against the gallery was also thwarted by the authorities.

Perhaps the next person to burn a Koran should do it inside an art gallery and claim it is a work of art?

Support the Gateshead Six outside Gateshead Police Station on Tuesday, the 16th of November, from 9.30am onwards!

There is also a Facebook event page for this protest.

Another Video – EHRC Vs BNP

Another video from Romford BNP of the protest against the EHRC case against the BNP for daring to exist.

Also, check out the tolerance, peace and understanding in the accompanying picture of the anti-democracy campaigners. And these are the people with the gall to call everyone who disagrees with them "haters". Anyone who still doesn't see who the real haters are in this country must have their eyes shut.

EHRC Vs BNP – Interviews with Activists and Simon Darby

Adam Walker interviews activists and Simon Darby at the EHRC hearing on 8 November 2010. Very well worth watching for Simon's rousing speech at the end.

EHRC Vs BNP – Adam Walker Interview

Adam Walker interviewed about the EHRC case outside the High Court in London.


Another video from Angelos Gavriel:

Extremist Teachers Letter by Ralph Musgrave

Letter in The Northern Echo today.

I SEE that Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove intends excluding BNP members and members of other groups which have an "extremist tenor" from teaching.

If only this "anti-extremist" policy had been implemented more rigorously in the past, we'd be much better off.

For example, if they'd chopped the heads off more people who claimed the Earth goes round the Sun, present-day astronomy would never have got off the ground. And if ancient Romans had let lions eat more of those "extremist" Christians, the benefits would have been enormous.

Moreover, it seems that the Tories (doubtless backed by Labour) want to bar alleged extremists from standing as school governors, even where such governors are democratically elected by parents who are fully aware of the politics of prospective governors.

The main political parties just cannot stick democracy: they are quasi-fascist organisations. Or as Lord Hailsham put it, we have a system of "elected dictatorship" in Britain.

Ralph Musgrave, Durham

Report from London – EHRC Case

County Durham was well represented at the demo to support Nick Griffin in his fight against the Equalities Commission.

Party Manager Adam Walker, his brother Mark Walker and Michael Stewart made the trip to London to join other activists and supporters from all over the country.

As Nick could not attend due to his being kept in hospital, Adam Walker took charge of the demo and gave several interviews to the media.

The details of the case cannot be discussed until after the verdict is announced, but reports from the courtroom were very positive.

The lads will be there again on Tuesday to show their support. If you can make it, please do but do also remember you can contribute to the struggle by clicking on and making a donation.

Michael Stewart

Save Stanhope Ford from Permanent Closure – Sign the Petition

Please sign the below petition if you'd like to see Stanhope ford, in Weardale, kept open. The ford has been threatened with permanent closure since May this year, and now its closure looks even more likely with the huge cuts to the north east's transport budget courtesy of the liblabconmen.

The ford is a popular local landmark, and families regularly go there to picnic when the weather is good. Durham County Council has used various excuses to try to get the ford closed, including citing the death of a person in a completely different ford nearly 100 miles away in North Yorkshire.

Save Stanhope Ford from Permanent Closure – Sign the Petition

For more information, see the Save Stanhope Ford Facebook group, which now has nearly 1000 members.

Nick Griffin in Court – 48 Hours to Go!

48 Hours To Go!

Fellow British Patriot,

Monday morning will see me, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumbyback in the High Court. Once again we will be representing every member of the BNP, and fighting for the dearly-bought rights and freedoms of every member of our island race.

Our enemy - the Equalities Commission, with their 70-strong tax-gobbling legal team. This is the quango that refused even to recognise the existence of British and English people – until, thanks to all the donors who helped fund our fight back, we forced them to in this case. This is the quango that claims to stand for human rights and equality,and yet employs Simon Woolley, leader of Operation Black Vote. Woolley openly boasted that the aim of this anti-democratic attack on our party and our one million voters is to “close them down.”

On Monday, we stand a real chance of stopping these anti-British bigots dead in their tracks. Our legal team are buoyant, confident and well-prepared. Legal rules mean I can't give you advanced sight of their arguments and assessment of our chances , but I can tell you that they're going to be out to take Commission scalps! We are fighting to win.

>> Click Here to Make a
Donation >>

or ring 0207 078 3269

So it's all to play for and we are nearly there. I say “nearly” because we just paid £8,500 to our legal team but have to top that to £10,000 on Monday morning. If we do, then the legal bully boys employed by Phillips and Woolley will face a top level team of legal professionals, working for us and for freedom. If we don’t I‘ll still fight on and once again represent myself.

I don’t mind doing it in principle - I did it at the last hearing to conserve Party funds - but I am no legal expert. I want to level the playing field and have the best team possible. I want to see the tables turned on Phillips and Woolley. They deserve to be hammered. This is our chance, not just to beat them, but to grind them and their petty tyranny into the dust of history.

Are we going to let them get away with it or are we going to fight? Simon, Tanya and I will be there in the Royal Courts of Justice fighting on Monday and Tuesday. I need to be able to tell Tanya and Simon that we are not alone. I need to walk into that court on your behalf at the head of a full, and fully paid for, legal team.

If I do, we can win. If I don’t, Simon Woolley may get his way. So, for what should be the final time in this case, I need your help. We urgently need that last £1,500. Not next Wednesday, not next Tuesday, not even on Monday – we need it right now!

Simon Woolley will be hoping you’ll ignore this plea, this moment of real need, this call to action. I know you won’t. Thank you!

Yours sincerely
Nick Griffin
Chairman, BNP

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Donation >>

or ring 0207 078 3269
P.S. Remember the big demonstration this coming Monday at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, London (Nearest Underground Temple Station). Lovers of freedom are gathering at 9:30 am onwards outside the court. Join with us and bring as many people as you can with you! Let's get a turnout to welcome Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby as they enter court to stand up for all our rights. Please dress smartly and bring flags (on poles, not draped over shoulders!). Hope to see you on Monday.

Leafleting in Spennymoor – Saturday 6th of November

Leafleting in Spennymoor this Saturday, starting at 10 a.m. All welcome to come and help.

Defend Freedom: Say 'No' to BNP Teacher Ban


Dear Fellow Patriot,

Anti-freedom fanatic Michael Gove told newspapers yesterday:

"I don't believe that membership of the BNP is compatible with being a teacher. One of the things I plan to do is to allow headteachers and governing bodies the powers and confidence to be able to dismiss teachers engaging in extremist activity."

Gove is a member of the 'Notting Hill Set' – a Tory clique that shares many values with the Left and has much socially in common with them. This latest attack appears to be an ill-judged attempt to win favour with the establishment teaching unions and elements on the Left.

The previous Labour government considered preventing BNP members from teaching, but backed down after an independent inquiry decided it wasn’t appropriate. The enquiry concluded that introducing such a ban would have been a “political act".

In May of this year, Adam Walker, a British National Party member and teacher, was cleared of "racial and religious" intolerance by a disciplinary panel of the General Teaching Council. After a three year battle, fought by the nationalist union Solidarity, the GTC agreed that Adam had not demonstrated "intolerance or racism".

In fact, the chair of the GTC panel, Angela Stones, said: "A negative comment about immigration to the UK of itself need not be indicative of racist views or racial intolerance, since the race of immigrants is extremely varied."

Michael Gove cited the decision made on the Walker case as "quite wrong", even though he never attended the hearing to listen to the evidence which showed that:

* Pupils Adam taught had achieved exam results higher than the school average and beyond all expectations.
* Adam had a profound respect for and understanding of different cultures.
* He had criticised (on a local internet discussion forum) only those immigrants who had abused the hospitality offered to them by committing serious crimes such as rape and murder.

The British National Party is a legitimate political party with widespread public support. BNP members and supporters should enjoy the same rights as all other citizens. A teacher should be judged on what they do in the classroom and not on their own political beliefs. Already there is talk of extending the proposed ban to all others deemed as "extremist". Who will be next?

Make your protest known by sending a polite email to the Minister:

Here are some other things you can do to oppose the ban:

* Contribute to Internet discussions opposing the ban
* Post this bulletin on to five friends
* Text your friends with a message 'I support freedom and oppose a ban on BNP teachers'
* Put the above message as your Facebook status
* Twitter and post links to articles opposing this attack on freedom
* Donate to the British Resistance here
* Write to your local newspaper opposing the ban
* Join the Nationalist Trade Union Solidarity

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin MEP
Leader, British National Party

Gove Is Wrong on 'Extremist' Teachers Ban – Patrick Harrington

From the Solidarity Trade Union Facebook cause.

The announcement by gaffe-prone Education Minister Michael Gove that 'extremist' teachers were to be banned from teaching was condemned by the nationalist trade union Solidarity.

General Secretary Patrick Harrington said, "It is not clear who would fall foul of such legislation since, although the BNP was mentioned by name, Gove talks of those of an 'extremist tenor' (perhaps Socialist, Anarchist and Islamic)?

"The last Government at least had the good sense to commission an independent inquiry into racism in schools. It decided that any ban would be unnecessary since there were so few incidents. The head of that enquiry, to whom Solidarity submitted evidence, even stated that any ban would be a political rather than professional act.

"The fact that the Police and Prison Service apply a ban is a red-herring as it has yet to be tested in Court. Ultimately we believe that European legislation will overturn such bans."

He added, "Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT teaching union, however, let the cat out of the bag by stating 'the issue is one of making sure that a clear message goes out that membership of the BNP and other extremist groups is incompatible with being a teacher.' This makes it clear that the aim is bullying and political and not about individual conduct.

"Michael Gove really needs to do his homework since the whole issue of banning citizens from teaching due to their political allegiances has already been thoroughly debated and no neutral professional or academic body would back such a ban. If Gove, however, intends to go down a PC route, he will find himself frustrated at each turn as Solidarity, as a Libertarian Union, would fight tooth and nail against any political ban."

Earlier this year Solidarity successfully defended a teacher Adam Walker at the General Teaching Council from accusations of intolerance and a possible life-ban from teaching. Solidarity is the only Union actively defending freedom of expression, belief and association for teachers.

Here are some things you can do to oppose the ban:

Contribute to Internet discussions opposing the ban
Post this bulletin on to five friends
Text your friends with a message 'I support freedom and oppose a ban on BNP teachers'
Put the above message as your Facebook status
Twitter and post links to articles opposing this attack on Freedom
Write to your local newspaper opposing the ban
Join the Nationalist Trade Union Solidarity

Solidarity Trade Union

Join for just £5 a month by clicking on this link.
If you prefer to pay by Standing Order, you can request a form from: Solidarity, PO Box 93, Spennymoor, DL16 9AN, United Kingdom.

Open Letter to Michael Gove from Mark Walker

Dear Mr. Gove,

I am furious at your stance on BNP teachers. I am a proud member of the British National Party and was a teacher until fascists like you interfered and ruined my excellent career. I never ever preached my politics at school, had the best GCSE results in the county and Ofsted found me to be an ‘excellent’ teacher. YOU need more teachers like me, not fewer. I can assure you that I will take this blatant breach of the Human Rights Act to the highest level.

You know for an absolute fact that we are not fascists and Nazis and if you honestly believe that we are then it simply goes to prove how out of touch you are. I am watching this great country being destroyed before my very eyes. I hope that you are proud of your attempted contribution to this process.

Mark Walker,

Gulf War Veteran and former teacher

If you too would like to voice your disgust about the Government's banning of teachers who are British National Party members, email any or all of Michael Gove's contact email addresses:

Adam Walker Interview about BNP Teacher Ban

Adam Walker interviewed by John Walker on Radio RWB.

Halal Meat Served in Nearly Half of County Durham's Secondary Schools

Nearly half of the secondary schools in County Durham are serving halal meat to their pupils, the findings of a shocking Freedom of Information (FOI) request have revealed.

The FOI request, which was made by the BNP's political admin officer, Mark Walker, states that 16 out of the 37 secondary schools within the Durham County Council area currently serve halal meat alongside non-halal meat to their pupils, while 32 out of 240 of its primary schools also serve halal.

Mr Walker, who stood for election in the county's Sedgefield constituency this year, said, "This goes to show the extent of the creeping Islamification of our country. It is shocking that nearly half of our secondary schools are serving halal meat to children, especially in an area that has a relatively low Muslim population compared to the rest of the country.

"I don't know how many parents are aware that their children are being fed this barbarically slaughtered food, but I imagine the number is extremely low.

"Unfortunately, this is a sign of things to come unless people support the only party that dares speak out on this issue, the British National Party."

Mr Walker's original FOI request and its response can be read in full here.

Anyone can make FOI requests to a public authority via I think it would be good for all local branches to make similar requests to their county councils; this sort of information is invaluable for leaflets etc.

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