Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My letter to The Northern Echo in response to Lib Dem councillor Ben Ord's claim that he has "put Britain first by supporting the coalition".

Unfortunately, the Echo was too busy printing important letters about Take That tickets and Ant and Dec to publish this.

I would like to thank Liberal Democrat councillor Ben Ord for giving me a good laugh with his hilarious claim that he has "put Britain first" by supporting the ConDem coalition, who he claims will create more north-east jobs, or "promote geographical growth", as he puts it.

Unfortunately, while hundreds of thousands of jobs have been or are about to be lost because of government cuts, the ConDem regime still sees fit to preside over an immigration policy that means thousands of foreigners arrive here every month, undercutting British workers and causing yet more unemployment, whether they live in the north or south.

On top of current immigration numbers, David Cameron will soon be initiating the EU/India Free Trade Agreement, which will ensure another 20,000 Indians per year gain access to work in Britain's IT sector alone, without those jobs even being advertised to British citizens.

All the Lib Dems will "direct to the north" are more immigrants, as Chris Huhne promised in March this year.

I would be interested to know just how these, or any ConDem policies, can be described as putting Britain or British workers first. Luckily, the BNP will be standing in Spennymoor in a by-election this month to offer people a real alternative.

Stephen Palmer, St John's Chapel, County Durham

In response to this letter:

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