Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dear Friend,

When people see Muslims burning our symbols like the poppy and spitting on our soldiers, some react by showing their contempt for the fanatics by publicly burning the Koran. We saw that in Gateshead.

Christians too, see their faith denigrated and marginalised. Local councils have banned Nativity plays. Christmas is rebranded by the PC loonies as ‘Winterval’. I understand people are angry. I understand why they fear the loss of their culture and identity. I share those feelings.

The Koran is a hate-filled manual for conquering countries. It calls for barbaric treatment of those who don’t obey its weird set of commands.

Should we burn it in the streets? I don’t think so. That is a terrible mistake.

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You need to read the damn thing, because when you read it, you will see how much hatred there is against everyone else. All those of other faiths are threatened by what is in the Koran - Christians, Hindus and Jews. Anyone who is not a Muslim is an enemy.

When you see how much hatred is in that book, then you understand what it really is.

It’s not a religious thing like our Bible; it’s a manual for conquering other peoples’ countries. Don’t burn it. Read it and understand it; that’s my message.

Only the British National Party has the guts to call it like it is. We are the only party which speaks out on the Islamic threat.

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As a Member of the European Parliament, I have a platform and I use it to tell people that Islam is not compatible with our cultural values. Sharia law is not compatible with our belief in human dignity and rights.
Our Political Class wish to fool you.

They hope to trick you into thinking that it is possible to come to a compromise with the fanatics. That’s a lie. The haters see any attempt to appease them as a sign of weakness.

Only the British National Party has the political will and resources to fight the Islamification of our great country.

We need your help to do it.

The fuel that keeps our machine running is money. Money enables us to take the truth to the British people in printed and electronic forms. Keep our machine running. Donate today, whatever you can give.

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

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