Friday, 12 November 2010

Sorry to have to sully our blog with another picture of this man's face, but it's important.

Despite a High Court assault on our freedom this week, the British National Party stands proud and unbowed.

The misnamed Equalities and Human Rights Commission brought a contempt case against me, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby. Their aim was to use public funds to bully and oppress us and the entire party. Make no mistake, this is no neutral regulator out to secure the 'human rights' of others - the Commission's aim is to destroy OUR human rights and the democracy and freedom for which generations of our war heroes have died.

Their Evil Aim: Destroy the BNP

Their aim was to bankrupt and humiliate us and to jail me. The Guardian newspaper made this clear:

"Griffin faces a large financial penalty or even jail if the court rules in favour of the equality watchdog, which is bringing the case".

Both ECHR head Trevor Phillips and his racist “Operation Black Vote” sidekick Simon Woolley have claimed that the BNP is deliberately flouting the original court order. The truth is quite different.

The BNP has complied with the order and it is the ECHR that is misusing the courts and public money for political ends.

Woolley has made his hatred of the BNP and his desire to close us down very plain. He does not even want to address your legitimate concerns: "Pandering to racist views peddled by the
BNP and bought by BNP voters is grotesque"
he has said in public.

For his part, Phillips is on record saying that he views BNP members as "less than

These are the people who run the tax-guzzling ECHR. They want to destroy the BNP, dismiss your concerns and exclude you from any democratic debate No wonder Phillips used to have a bust of Lenin on his desk!

Phillips and Woolley Misjudged the British Spirit

Phillips and Woolley don't understand the British spirit - when our backs are against the wall we come out fighting! Supporters of the BNP embody that spirit. Our boys and girls were on the streets outside the Royal Courts of Justice standing up for freedom, despite the pouring rain and freezing cold. Our supporters paid for a high-powered, confident and well-briefed legal team to present the best possible case to the court to throw out this crackpot charge.

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They were there because of you and your generosity. And they gave the Commission's lawyers bloody noses all round. The equality bullies got their come-uppance this week!

I believe that the judges understand that we have sought to abide by the law and that the ECHR kept moving the goalposts to try to find new ways to attack us. We are nearing the end of this now and only have to get through a further two-day hearing on technical legal points before judgment will be delivered.

So we will still have to send a legal team back into court. It is vital to see that the party is represented by a professional team so that our best interests can be served.

Give me the weapons I need in this fight. Please send a donation today to ensure that we once again - and for the last time - field the best legal minds to defend our rights.

Let's wipe the smiles off the faces of Phillips and Woolley and show them that we will defend our rights and will not be bullied, sidelined or oppressed!

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Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MEP

Chairman, BNP


I know that the same spirit that got our Country through two World Wars is still alive in us today. With that spirit we can never be beaten.

Whether you fight by attending protests or giving money you are expressing that 'never say die' attitude. It's what once made our country great and, God willing, will again.

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