Saturday, 13 November 2010

Members of County Durham BNP will be helping out Newcastle activists with their campaign against the Islamification of the historic Benwell Towers, also known as The Mitre, next week.

The BAHR "Muslim community group" was sold the building, which was used as the set for the TV show Byker Grove, at a knock-down price and plan to turn it into an Islamic "school and cultural centre". The building has a history going back to the 13th century and was the residence of the Bishop of Newcastle in the 1880s. Now it's just going to be another part of our heritage that's sold off to foreign invaders.

Newcastle BNP were in their hometown with a tabletop stall today and will be leafleting the surrounding area over the coming weeks.

Full story here.

We'll be leaving Spennymoor at 9 a.m. on Tuesday 16 November for some leafleting in Newcastle, if you'd like to help. Or if you'd like to do your bit any other time, call Ken Booth on 07954 434173.

Often when I ask people to help on here and Facebook, I get the usual "I live too far away"/"I would lose my job" excuses, so if you can't come and help, please consider making a donation to our branch instead: that way you'll at least be doing something to help your country survive.

Donate to County Durham BNP:

Also join the Stop Burka Grove Facebook Page.

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