Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Dear Mr. Gove,

I am furious at your stance on BNP teachers. I am a proud member of the British National Party and was a teacher until fascists like you interfered and ruined my excellent career. I never ever preached my politics at school, had the best GCSE results in the county and Ofsted found me to be an ‘excellent’ teacher. YOU need more teachers like me, not fewer. I can assure you that I will take this blatant breach of the Human Rights Act to the highest level.

You know for an absolute fact that we are not fascists and Nazis and if you honestly believe that we are then it simply goes to prove how out of touch you are. I am watching this great country being destroyed before my very eyes. I hope that you are proud of your attempted contribution to this process.

Mark Walker,

Gulf War Veteran and former teacher

If you too would like to voice your disgust about the Government's banning of teachers who are British National Party members, email any or all of Michael Gove's contact email addresses:


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