Monday, 1 November 2010

Nearly half of the secondary schools in County Durham are serving halal meat to their pupils, the findings of a shocking Freedom of Information (FOI) request have revealed.

The FOI request, which was made by the BNP's political admin officer, Mark Walker, states that 16 out of the 37 secondary schools within the Durham County Council area currently serve halal meat alongside non-halal meat to their pupils, while 32 out of 240 of its primary schools also serve halal.

Mr Walker, who stood for election in the county's Sedgefield constituency this year, said, "This goes to show the extent of the creeping Islamification of our country. It is shocking that nearly half of our secondary schools are serving halal meat to children, especially in an area that has a relatively low Muslim population compared to the rest of the country.

"I don't know how many parents are aware that their children are being fed this barbarically slaughtered food, but I imagine the number is extremely low.

"Unfortunately, this is a sign of things to come unless people support the only party that dares speak out on this issue, the British National Party."

Mr Walker's original FOI request and its response can be read in full here.

Anyone can make FOI requests to a public authority via I think it would be good for all local branches to make similar requests to their county councils; this sort of information is invaluable for leaflets etc.

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