Thursday, 11 November 2010

The above scan was handed to us by a concerned parent of a child who attends St Benet Biscop Catholic High School in Bedlington, Northumberland. The teacher wrote examples of "racism" on the blackboard, and the class had to copy them out and rate how "serious" the "racism" was in each example.

As you can see from the sentences the children had to copy, all of the examples are of white pupils being the perpetrators of this so-called racism. Even when it states that "An Asian boy deliberately trips up a white boy," it still concludes the example with, "The white boy starts a fight," as if the deliberately tripping up of someone is not the starting of the fight.

Even more shocking is the fact that this exercise attempts to brainwash children into hating the BNP by clearly using the Party in one of its examples. It invents a fictitious example of a BNP magazine with "nasty cartoons of Asian and black children" and presents it as fact.

This exemplifies the disgusting hypocrisy that exists in our education system, wherein BNP members can be banned from teaching on the pretence that they will supposedly bring their politics into the classroom, while the state gives itself free rein to brainwash our children with its own anti-white propaganda.

If any other parents have examples of this state conditioning in their schools, please contact us with your stories and evidence. A transcript of the scan is below.

Racial Discrimination

Discriminating against somebody else's race

A white boy starts a fight with a smaller Asian boy. Afterwards he speaks of his opponent as ‘one of them’.

A girl brings a racist magazine into school, published by the BNP. It contains nasty cartoons of Asian and black children.

Boys are playing football at dinner time. An Asian boy deliberately trips up a white boy. The white boy starts a fight.

In a lesson, a girl says ‘unemployment keeps going up because immigrants took all the good jobs’. Not serious.

A white boy asks a Sikh why he is wearing a turban. Serious but not racist.

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