Saturday, 2 October 2010

British National Party chairman Nick Griffin visited three different towns in County Durham on Saturday to help out the region's Bring Our Boys Home campaign.

His first destination was Spennymoor, whose strong BNP support was evidenced by Adam Walker's 21% vote share in last month's by-election. Many locals recognised Nick, and several shop workers stepped outside to chat and have their photos taken with him. Activists received donations from dozens of people, many of whom repeated the now very familiar phrase about Afghanistan: "We should never have gone there in the first place."
Nick's next stop was in Hartlepool, where the local hard-working branch was out in the town for the third week running. Several people had already requested to sign the petition before the stall was set up, and Nick's arrival only increased demand.
“We were amazed at just how well recognised Nick Griffin was by local people," said organiser Peter King. "While he was here he was swamped with requests for signatures and photos.
"Today was a continuation of the success of our last two days of action, with great comments and support from the people of Hartlepool. One man summed up how many feel when he said to Nick, ‘It's about time we had a leader like you with real backbone.’"
Hartlepool's activists gained 300 signatures on the day, bringing their total for three days of action to 1000.
Finally, Nick travelled to Chester-le-Street, where Adam Walker and his team of activists held their second stall of the day, at the market place. Photographers from local papers had waited over an hour for Nick's arrival and took lots of pictures of him talking to the many shoppers who wanted to chat and shake his hand. One local trader even whisked him away to have her photo taken with him in her sweet stall. Adam Walker's tactic of announcing the BNP's petition over a megaphone was a great way of drawing people to the tabletop, and he and his team received over 200 signatures on the day.
There will be more stalls in County Durham on next Saturday's day of action, so please get in touch if you'd like to come along and help.

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