Friday, 15 October 2010

Letter by BNP candidate for the City of Durham, Ralph Musgrave, in The Northern Echo today.

SINCE Pete Winstanley regards the BNP as Nazi (HAS, Oct 9) presumably the Daily Mail and its readers are also Nazis, since most Daily Mail anti-immigration articles would look perfectly in place in BNP publications.

Then there are the two-thirds of Germans who think that Islam has no place in Germany.

Clearly, a majority of Germans are Nazis. Plus, there is Peter Mullen whose article, “We ignore Islam at our peril” (Echo, Mar 9) could only have been penned by a Nazi.

So what’s Britain’s political left going to do about us bigoted, xenophobic, Nazi hordes? What they could do is strengthen the laws that make it illegal to express any opinion likely to offend ethnic minorities: shorthand for making it illegal to express any view other than the standard politically correct view on immigration. Oops, now didn’t Hitler arrest people for expressing views he didn’t like?

Ralph Musgrave, Durham.

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